The Eye Of Odin

I have done the Eye Of Odin ritual before and then I used a wooden plate that can hold incense sticks and I carved Odin’s name in runes on the back of it as an offering to him, and it says in the book that I should offer something personal as a sacrifice. will this wooden plate be fine for that or do I need to get something else this time? I think I have things I can offer as sacrifices but I don’t know what that would be, can somebody help me out?

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Odin absolutely loves mead. It’s his favorite thing ever. Doesn’t matter what flavor it is.

He also asked for goat cheese and smoked salmon when I first gave him offerings, but I would ask him ahead of time if he wants it.

But definitely offer him mead.

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Thank you, it also says in the book that he prefers mead, but except for the mead it also says to offer something personal as a sacrifice, do you have any recommendations on what that could be? do you think it is ok to use the same wooden plate? and is it ok to still use that wooden plate as an incense holder after I have used it as a sacrifice?


Ideally it is something that holds alot of personal value to you. So for example if there is a specific type of drink or food you enjoy you can give that.

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Ok thank you, but let’s say food, if I offer my favorite food can I eat it afterward or do I throw it away? and if it’s another item, can I use that item afterward or should I not?

Okay easiest ways i can explain it as i understand it is with food offering you are giving it to the deity, spirit ect. Then they give it back spiritually empowered at the end of the ritual.

Another perspective on this is once you have finished the ritual and it is time to consume the offerings you are emboding the god you are working with. Which is a part of the while process as you are acting as a channel for energy to flow through.

I have found a brief period of mediation is also good prior to taking in the offering. In the tradtion i am exploring the offerings are tied to the 5 elements.

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wow thanks, I never thought about it that way. So the wooden plate can be used again then?

I don’t see why not, it is all symbolism for the subconious to pay attention to since that is the part of the mind that is gonna be doing the actual work in terms of actively working with odin after your conscious mind is done with the ritual itself.

The reason for the offering is you are giving energy to the god for it can work with and to then return energy of a different nature to you that often has transformative effects on your reality.

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Can you please tell me where I can find this ritual?

In the anthology of sorcery volume 3

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