The excercise looking at the pentagram for 7+ days

There is an exercise mentioned looking at an upside down red pentagram with a black background between 7-13 days and saying alash tad alash tal ashtu.

I did this and didn’t feel anything.

What gives?

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How long did you chant for?

Also, you’re not supposed to “feel” anything. The exercise helps you to enter an altered state. Did you see any changes to the pentagram?

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Like 7-10 minutes a day. As for changes in the pentagram it would blur out if you looked at it but as soon as you blink it would be back to normal.

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How many days did you do it? The exercise is taken from EA’s evocation course and he says 9-13 days are the optimum, as those are magically significant numbers.

He also says if you don’t get results, not to worry about it. For some people it takes more time than others. It took me a long time before I had success.

The pentagram blurs out and goes back to normal because your eyes are unfocused, and blinking brings them back into focus. Instead of staring with a fixed gaze at the pentagram, try softening your eyes. What you want to do is look at the pentagram the way you would look at something you have affection for, like a pet or a lover.

What you are learning in this exercise is how to enter an altered state and the proper method of gazing, which is the secret to opening a spirit’s seal. It is important to note, however, that not everyone gets the 3D effect most people talk about. I myself do not. Instead I get a sort of magnetic pull that holds my gaze.


Well I did it for 8 days. So should I not worry about it?

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It’s up to you. You can continue for the maximum of 13 days or you can try another exercise.

I wouldn’t worry about it though. When you are learning, it is easy to miss the altered state because it is so subtle. You won’t necessarily see or hear anything different in the beginning. It all comes with practice.

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Why just 13 days? If that exercise is working for someone then can he do it for 3-4 months or more?

Yes, he can. 13 days is just the amount of time EA gives as being magically significant. There is no harm in doing it as long as one wants to.

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