The evocation of the mighty Duchess Gremory

So I decided yesterday to perform the evocation of the Duchess Gremory for a meet and greet and to ask a favor…

I’d like to share my personal experience of the ritual and ask for others who have experienced this spirit to add some feedback with thier impressions of this spirit.

First off I know not everyone does an evocation the way I do and thats totally fine. This is just how I do it.
So I get to the part of my evocation where I go into the “hear me and make all spirits subject unto me so that every spirit of the firmament and of the ether on dry land and in the water of whirling air and rushing fire and every spell and scourge of God will be obedient unto me”…part of my call and at this point the temple atmosphere changed as it does and I KNOW I’m being heard. Then I get to enns and the call of Duchess Gremory. After three calls I KNOW she heard me loud and clear. She however puts me on hold and makes me do enns chant for a good five minutes before her presence arrived.

I immediately offered her my thanks for her attending my call and offered her chocolates and incense and admiration. I’m trying to make a friend and ally here.

The vibe I got from her was imperious… almost haughty, regal, dignified, poised, graceful, and yet an undertone of racy to spice it up.

Her manner was pleasant and warm with an inner glow. After the meet and greet I asked her for a favor and gave license to depart.

It seems that we got off on the right foot. Well it seemed to me anyway. I really liked this spirit, I find it interesting too that she purposefully made me wait until SHE decided it was time. Spirits don’t normally do that with me, usually they come nearly immediately. Also this spirit had a feel similar to that of Marquis Phenex. In specific the warm emanation I could perceive from her.

Does anyone have anything similar or different to report? I’d be interested to hear. Thanks in advance.


This was my first time with her though I doubt it’s the last time.

That’s bornless Ritual lol didn’t know they made it into a song.

Sometimes they make you work for it. If I’m just having a casual chat or a lesson or something, then they almost always come quickly. But if I’m doing a more formal “ask” or working I want their assistance with, then I typically have to work at it more.

Edit - and when I’m cold calling them and they didn’t nudge me to do it.


Ah that makes sense. I think I must just be spoiled from working with Prince Orobas so frequently and how punctual he is with me.

Yeah I wondered what was up with that.

I also sensed a “who are you, and who are you to be calling me” attitude at first. She did warm up subsequently though which is a relief.

Ah I read your edit and that makes perfect sense, this was in fact a cold call. I had no introduction to her prior.


I typically sing to several Goddesses in the mornings on my commute and they come to receive it without hesitation. But if I call on them in ritual for an ask, then I have to work for it.

During the last large Magical Friends With Benefits group, I got the nudge to work with Mamam Brigitte, who I’d not called before. She made me work for it, even though she was reaching out to me to call on her.


I got the vibe this is a VERY old spirit and there’s a good chance she’d experienced actual worship before perhaps under another name.

The imperious Goddess vibe was very much present and duly noted.

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the insights.

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I have a relationship with her. It’s got a sexual vibe to it. At least for me it does :roll_eyes: She’s always delivered prodigiously though. As in things I thought were impossible.

She’s spoken to me. Her voice will drive you crazy if she chooses to speak. Like the Sirens except w/ lust.

In many ways she’s like a male Zepar. Though she might get offended at me saying that. I get the feeling she’d say she has more finesse and seductive prowess than him. But she’s not about love like Sallos.

With her, everything really does come back to sex, power, and getting what you want. She’s also known as the Queen of Thieves!

Demons of Magick nails her powers perfectly.

She’s about sex pure and simple. If you have issues with cheating, extra-marital affairs and the like, it won’t be a good match. It’s just how she IS.

If she takes to you, you’ll have some fun for sure…


I remember when I invoked Gremory just to feel her energy. You’re right about the “imperious” feeling you got from her. When I invoked her, I felt as if the gravity around me got heavier, but overall I felt unharmed.


That’s Awesome you guys thanks for sharing your experience and turning some of my upg into spg.


I think your take on her is spot on. Thanks for helping me put context to some of what I experienced with her.


Yes I was unharmed too but I could see how if someone she didn’t know came at her the wrong way it could get nasty real fast. I have a policy of being soft spoken and humble but direct with the spirits.


I want to say a lot but I don’t want to overstep my boundaries. I keep getting downloads and then I feel overwhelming feelings of restraint! Not sure what’s going on with that.
Just be yourself w/ her.

I have never worshiped / adored her. She likes my sweat and the smell of sex and masculinity. Musky incense.

I have a black shirt w/ her sigil on it that I workout in and then offer it to her. Get what i am saying?

Again, establish your own relationship w/ her. But she has never wanted worship and adoration from me personally. Maybe that’s because I feel like a fuckhead when I go too far with that stuff. But, they all seem to like to be honored here on BALG.

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Yeah man I get what your saying…and yes they do like to be honored on balg.

We as a community know how to appreciate the spirits work in our lives better than most probably.

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Would you ever post your own personal evocation guide? I wanna start evoking demons the way you do and do meet and greets with these great spirits.


Maybe I will :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I think I’ll do a simplified evocation guide in my journal today. You’re not the first person to ask this recently. Good idea.


I’ll be patiently waiting​:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: Tag me when you post it if you don’t mind!!

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