The Evocation of Coran


Bringing to life the magickal worlds of the elements is a lifetime process, and achieving your desires through their assistance never ceases to bring the amazement back into my life.

From the time I was initiated into the Gardnerian Wiccan tradition and further down the rabbit hole with the Thelemic OTO in London back in the late eighties, the idea of summoning one of these beings always invaded my consciousness with colorful characters of Greek and Roman cultures, and recently, with Ethiopian mythology and the interconnectedness of these and many other civilizations forming the bedrock of a once thriving world filled with worship of these powerful god/goddesses. However, my “mentors and initiators” continued to insist that evocation is best performed by those who have prepared themselves through rigorous years of study and practice. There is truth here but also some common flaws that I am sure you are aware of by this time.

During my pact with Sastan, he was able to teach more about who I can “become” if only I place my preconceived notions about magick to one side and allow the real magick to enter my life. Letting go of what you feel or believe to be actual magick is a daunting venture, for all magicians seem to have the biggest chip(or perhaps the very large and heavy Duracel Battery) on their shoulders. Forever carrying their own mantel of what is and what should be. Magicians are emotionally bonded to their own particular belief system. To update my own definition of magick…

[i]“Magick is the emotional state of a true and complete act of manifestation”

Perhaps this definition lays well with the act of evocation, but I see the above encompassing many facets of a magickal act. The emotional state of mind and being within the magician is crucial for any successful outcome, be that good or evil. If you have no control over your emotions then they in turn control your outcome. This is only evident by simply gaze at your own life through the looking glass and see where your station is at the moment.

I have always wondered why “some” evocations work while others appeared a failure, why when I created an amazing Jupernian Talisman for days to obtain a specific amount of wealth only gave me partial success. It seems that my own true self was in a chaotic state, randomly manifesting certain magick full-blown while others a complete disaster.
About fifteen years ago I found at least one answer in the form of psycho therapy. Exchanging certain dialog with someone that is at least mildly conducive to a magicians needs was quite difficult back then. However, I was lucky enough to find such an individual.

Taking a discovery to learn about who you really are and what you are made of is fascinating and very useful. Of course, not all of us have the time nor inclination for therapy. This individual was able to pin-point my flaws and “emotional baggage” that I was carrying around my neck like a rusty old heavy chain(think the Devil card).

Holding on to dear life those dead shackles is a human trait that allows us to feel a certain need or want to continue the previous experience we had that may or may not have impacted our personality to this day. For me, I was carrying so much baggage that it was no wonder my state of mind was randomly producing external events which I either never wanted and/or never called forth.

There are,I am quite sure of, countless ways magickal and non-magickal to be rid of all emotional baggage and psychological personality flaws within the magician and I have found one possible way through evoking a certain fire elemental spirit that has not only “cleansed” my mind,body,and soul but has also, as a result, allowed me to further improve my ceremonial workings on a daily basis.

Coran was introduced to me through Sastan while working a pact with him for several weeks. Keep in mind that when you summon any being you can always ask for more spirits to assist you by just asking that one entity, however, for reasons unknown he provided me with about twenty-five fire beings that have kept me busy up to now(not to mention working with the other elements,including spirit).

Coran appeared to me through the high flames of manifestation while evoking Sastan daily. Her appearance is regal with a voluptuous body. She appears naked from the waste up and her skin is completely black and feels (to the touch) as if rough with a black powder feel to it(yes you can touch and feel spirits. Watch EA’s video course and understand this phenomena). She is bald but wears a golden crown upon her head. Around her neck is a long bold necklace with colorful jewels. Her wrists are also covered in bracelets. Her eyes can see right through you as they are quite bright and awakened. When she first appears to you , you will be compelled to grab hold of both of her hands while she “heals” you.

She is perhaps one of the most friendliest fire elementals I have had the pleasure to meet. She can quickly resolve any distempers you may have. Her basic task is that of emotional healing(not physical healing) however the emotions are tied to the physical so in one respect healing one may heal the other. I was able to find out a little about her background through Wikipedia. It appears that she may have been some type of Ethiopian deity once long ago worshiped, and her influence may have some intertwined with earlier Greek cultures.

Some recommendations in evoking her:

BEST: using fire as a manifestation base - indoor or outdoor
GOOD: A Physical evocation without fire
MODERATE: an astral evocation by scrying mirror(not recommended)

The silver dish and ornate metal holder that I have continuously used in my rites can be found in my other posts. They were found at a Goodwill store for only five dollars. Use you creativity and devise other methods to use fire within your temple in a safe way.

Below is her sigil drawn with Corel Painter using thick markers as a simulation. I made this at 600x700 for printing so all you would need is to just click the image and print. However, I always recommend that sigils should be drawn by your own hand. Its up to you.

Here is a quick sketch I did of Coran as she appeared to me.

In the following weeks I will post more fire beings that I have personally evoked to my satisfaction with results, from fire familiars to temple guardians, from treasure hunting fire beings to the most dangerous fire elemental that should never be evoked.

May the gods and goddesses bring that which you are seeking…

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You know when you see or hear something and you just intuitively know it is true? Your whole post gave me that feeling S.V.E. What you said about emotional baggage reminds me of what I have been hearing since day one of my first successful evocation!

Great job, and I look forward to seeing, and working with, all these fire spirits.

[quote=“Orismen, post:2, topic:1936”]You know when you see or hear something and you just intuitively know it is true? Your whole post gave me that feeling S.V.E. What you said about emotional baggage reminds me of what I have been hearing since day one of my first successful evocation!

Great job, and I look forward to seeing, and working with, all these fire spirits.[/quote]

thanx for the compliment

The idea of the magicians emotional state of mind came to me while creating and charging a talisman as per the instructions given to me by my mentors back in the eighties. All they did was provide the barebones of creating a talisman but left out the crucial details of charging the physical Talisman in the hopes that I would somehow find out on my own.

Likewise, when I finally opened the plastic bag holding my new “circle of pacts” from BALG, laying it on the floor and taking my ritual knife, bloodying the fabric and so on…it occurred to me that at that moment I was bringing into the circle that which I am made of, instead of shedding the mundane skin. Bringing into the circle all my experiences, my hates and loves, my dreams and wishes. Obviously I knew that what I was creating was a thought form of all my hopes and fears. But how to separate the mundane you from the magickal self wasn’t easy for me. It took almost close to twelve years to realize that there are two distinctive selves; the mundane and the god. When in the circle of pacts I control and wield my power. I create and destroy my own reality as I see fit.

Of course, this wasn’t an overnight sensational process. It was a slow moving revelation reaching a pinnacle at the time I discovered EA’s paradigm, which gave me the confidence. All things come to pass if you wait long enough.

I really enjoy your posts! They always have great information and are inspirational for those of us on a similar path but who are just not there yet. If you ever write a book I would definitely buy it!

Muchas Gracias JM

Actually im almost done with a five volume grimoire dealing with elemental pathworking and evocation. I’ll be sending it over to BALG to see if they might want to pub it.

It was a hard 200 miles of rough road but I made it to the other side intact.

[quote=“S.V.E, post:5, topic:1936”]Muchas Gracias JM

Actually im almost done with a five volume grimoire dealing with elemental pathworking and evocation. I’ll be sending it over to BALG to see if they might want to pub it.

It was a hard 200 miles of rough road but I made it to the other side intact.[/quote]

Count me in as well - I too enjoy your posts.

thanx for all the cool compliments :slight_smile:

BALG is the one and only place I can come in, like a lounge, have a virtual drink and actually talk about practical ritual magick.

Just finished reading some amazing posts about the Illuminati and also about Death Magick. Where online can you find this stuff?..just here.

have a great weekend

Incidentally, those that evoke her if possible please post your experiences. Love to read success stories…

[quote=“S.V.E, post:1, topic:1936”]The emotional state of mind and being within the magician is crucial for any successful outcome, be that good or evil. If you have no control over your emotions then they in turn control your outcome. …

About fifteen years ago I found at least one answer in the form of psycho therapy.[/quote]

I totally agree, I’ve educated myself about various psychological and counselling methods and basically practice on myself, I got really serious about this in the past year and have had some huge insights into stuff from my childhood (actually passed down several generations) and realised that the beliefs I held about life in general had screwed a lot of the work I tried to do before including when I manifested this total dream apartment then managed to let that slip away, and inherited attitudes to money and success as well.

I totally believe the most screwed up person with a drink or drug problem can DO magick, even command great power on rare occasions, but can they hang onto the results? I know I didn’t.

Sorry to be a bit OT there!

The evocation sounds awesome, agree with what everyone’s said in this thread so far, it’s very inspirational stuff!


So I don’t want to bore anyone with the details (and frankly don’t like giving specifics out online), but needless to say, I had grave need of Coran’s abilities and was eager to work with her.

First time I got in contact, it was just to open her sigil. Admittedly I had been drinking beforehand, and the ritual didn’t last long because I was about to pass out, but two things struck me after the sigil opened: I felt a strong need to work with Kali in conjunction with Coran to get the work I needed to done (which is odd, I don’t usually work with gods anymore, but I’m looking into it). I also remember water falling on my face before I went to sleep.

I thought this was strange since I was calling up a fire elemental, but later I divined that the water was just her way of telling me her healing was gentle, not painful. I had recently read the BoA and was expecting some crazy hellfire sort of pain. Thankfully, this is not her way.

Anyway, earlier this week I performed an astral evocation and spoke with Coran face to face. I began to ask her how exactly her healing worked, since I was still a bit skeptical on the idea of spirits being able to take away emotional pain. Physical issues I could see, but I couldn’t comprehend a more emotional focus.

She laughed and said, “Are you expecting me to explain magick to you?” and then proceeded to explain magick to me :stuck_out_tongue: Well, her magick, anyway. And it’s a twofold process. She told me it was a type of alchemy, where she took the old anger and grief, and turned it into neutral energy. She said she didn’t care what I did with that energy, if I wanted to let if go, funnel it towards a baneful working, etc. She said she didn’t judge, just to use that energy once its available.

She also gave me a simple meditation to quell what the therapists in my life like to call ANTs (automatic negative thoughts). It’s essentially just channeling her fire through my body, focusing especially on the third eye and heart chakra. I tried it, and I felt markedly better that day. My perception of myself was very much more positive than usual. The only previous things that have done that for me are meds and intense exercise, so I’m thankful to finally have some spiritual power in my corner.

Tonight I am doing a full blown fire evocation so that we may begin this transformation process. I was told I would be granted a portion of her fire and power once I touched her, to aid in my meditations. This will be the first time I use fire as a base, so I’m not sure how it will go, but I’m excited.

I should be back in a week or so to update this, but I wanted to thank S.V.E for coming and sharing about her like he promised. She has certainly come through for me already in spades, and I have yet to even physically evoke her.

after doing some reading in NLP and meditating with a shitload of blood magick i’ve been doing for the last week and a half, i had a realization last night that MINDSET is the beginning of all magick.

i also realized that my mindset is not properly aligned. i have beliefs and values that are completely out of line with the spirit i carry, and my identity is not being defined by me but by circumstances. that may or may not be true for you, so ymmv, but if you find this useful, follow along…

in a nutshell, my realization uses the logical levels pyramid in NLP (

the way it was explained to me, purpose and identity are NLP’s form of a possession rite. in huna you connect the conscious mind to the unconscious and then to the higher consciousness. in NLP it works a little different because in NLP there is no divide between the conscious and subconscious, the mindbody is all one.

in NLP’s logical levels pyramid, you work top-down to bring the superconscious into your mindbody and then let it work through you to rearrange your experience of the world for more effectiveness. it’s like spiritual training wheels. the spirit illuminates the way and you copy its lead. an activated persona is the spirit working its purpose through your identity. purpose and identity are your aligned persona when combined in this way.

the way it was explained to me, your activated persona combines with your beliefs and values to give a strong mindset and allows the kind of states that allow magick to manifest. every part reinforces every other in this way. instead of trying to kick holes in walls or crawl through closed windows you are turning the knob, opening the doors, and entering into your new reality the proper way. the spirit in you teaches you how to operate with purpose and the kind of knowledge you only get from experience. it’s an inner tutor.

to my understanding, if your persona isn’t defined or the spirit purpose and your identity are at odds, that causes disconnect or conflict. life has a way of giving us all a hodgepodge of others’ agendas, and when we put them together to form ‘our’ identites, oftentimes the different parts don’t go together. these conflicting energies collapse anchors when you try to do anything magickal. it’s like putting a construction and a demolition crew on the same site. depending on how many demo guys show up, either you are inconvenienced or your rite goes belly-up. such is the curse of misalignment.

i’m still working through the details of this revelation so bear with me, there is much about it that isn’t clear and that i only barely understand. hopefully you get some kind of realization from this babble, i’ll figure it out later hopefully and rewrite it to be clearer.

it seems to me that what coran does is something like what NLP pracs call perceptual positioning, but she does it on an energetic level rather than a verbal one so it cuts deeper.

i have an idea that working coran along with a spirit that deals with the three main limiting beliefs can clear out bad emotions as well as their corresponding thoughts. coran takes negative emotions and makes them neutral. another spirit that works with thoughts i think would be able to reframe those as well, allowing energy, emotions, and thoughts to be cleared and aligned together. i’m not sure which spirits would be able to do this but i think coran or sastan could help out in this matter

i needed to see this today, it hits on something very important for me, right now i just have a few things to sort out in my mind. i drew coran’s sigil and i will conjure her sometime soon to see if i can get some things sorted out

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