The End is the Beginning is the End


So if any of you remember (or remember me) I started working with the planets at the beginning of this year. I wanted to pit the Gods of Sumerian Lore against the Archangels and see which pantheon won, that would be the pantheon I worked with for my planetary initiations.

Well one night my Patron took me aside and was like “Archangels bruh.*” so I set off to work with the Neo-Platonic/Hermetic tradition of planetary initiatory work. I used Rufus Opus’ “Seven Spheres” as the basis for my work

January 1st 2015, Jupiter. “A fire descends”
I began my work with Jupiter as per instructions in S.S. with the intention to meet Sachiel. He appeared as a man with a long beard and was very regal and kingly in his mannerisms and demeanor. We spoke about the need for “Divine Grace” and to be ever cognizant of it in my life. He essentially told me that as long as I could justify to myself the NEED for a working, I could have the whole of creation backing my work. As if I could justify the NEED to myself I could then speak with confidence to the spirts that my will was the Will of God, and thus I could get the backing of Celestial Spirits.

I asked for initiation into his sphere and felt a warm pleasant feeling fall upon me. He then stressed the need for “Righteous Rulership” over my kingdom and then we ended our session.

January 6th 2015, Mars. “I’ll make a man out of you.”
Sammel took up the whole Table of Practice in my vision. I beheld him as a knight with a spear riding a horse. We discussed the Divine Masculine and how the male principle works in my life. He told me about the balance between movement (excitement) and discipline (self-imposed restriction). True power comes from both pushing against ones boundaries while at the same time respecting the boundaries set by the self. He told me that I would have to set a boundary, then knock it down when the boundary no longer serves me. In this way I grow, but I choose how and where I grow.

We discussed the “Less than nice things” that Mars can do to my enemies and then I asked for initiation into his sphere. He granted it and I felt something similar to what I felt with Jupiter.

January 11th 2015, Sol. “The Ass kicker”
This was set to be the most powerful vision I have ever had. Michael came in like a boisterous powerhouse and was making his presence known in my temple…

Now there is a rule in my house, my wife does not bother me while I am in my temple and I don’t bother her while she is doing homework…however as I am really feeling the ritual and the veil is parting before my eyes I hear a knock at my temple door. Seems as though my wife misplaced her keys and wanted to know if I had seen them anywhere.

I.Was.Pissed. thought I did not let it show. I calmly** explained to her that I have no idea where her keys are and she should check the “key bowl” we had.

Turning my attention back to the operation at hand, I attempted to establish contact with Michael again. The vison was nowhere as near as powerful as I was expecting but I got him. He looked like a younger version of Sachiel surrounded by flames.

We discussed the nature of Sol and then I asked for initiation into his sphere. He granted it but told me that He would then need to remove things out of my life in order to ensure that I could better handle the spiritual energies of the planets. I gave him a big “HELL YEAH” as whatever was holding me back needed to go. He gave me an analogy of a person being perused by flames and related it to me saying that I need to keep moving or I would be burned.

January 16th 2015, Venus. “Dude looks like a Lady”
I started this ritual with a shock. I saw Lucifer in the sphere of Venus. He didn’t seem to care that I saw him there, as he seemed to be on some sort of important task. Later while talking to my Patron about this I was given dream in which I saw many angles and “demons” in heaven working side by side as representatives of two different kingdoms. The angels didn’t seem the least bit angry or perturbed that ambassadors of the Chthonic Realms were working side by side to achieve mutual goals.

An awesome dream to be sure.

Anael appeared to me as an androgynous angelic being with a veil over his/her face. He expounded upon the Sacred Feminine in my life. Where the masculine seeks to penetrate and conquer, the feminine seeks to receive and build. He told me that I should learn to build up myself and attract what I want in my life. I asked him to show me how and was given a few techniques.

January 21st 2015, Mercury. “An old friend”
I love Raphael, he is the first spirit I actually saw in a ritual. He has been a mainstay in my house and a damn fine friend.

So of course I was looking forward to this.
Raphael at first showed me the sign of the Caduceus and then appeared as Hermes. He had a very happy-go-lucky funny man feel to him, as always. We talked about the motion and measure of things and he told me to take stock of my gifts and build those up.
I asked for initiation into his sphere and he gave it, and then gave me a key to use in ceremonial magic.
All in all: 10/10 would evoke again.

January 26th 2015, Luna. “Shine bright like a diamond”
I began my ritual as per the usual and saw Gabriel as a bright angel shining light down to Earth. We spoke about the Moon as a gateway to the mysteries of the Celestial Realm. She is the gateway when one really understands and can live the elements, and wants to move up to the planets. I was told to look at my life and see what was permeant and what would ebb and flow. Look at what is real and what is an illusion.
We talked a bit about glamour magic and illusion.
I asked for initiation into his sphere and he gave it, with an admonishment to really understand Luna and Her power as she is one of the greatest Luminaires in terms of practical magic. After this I have been increasingly interested in the Mansions of the Moon.

January 31st 2015, Saturn. “The End is the Begging is the End.”
Cassiel, the great Archangel of “I don’t’ give a f**k about you mortal”
Ok that is a bit extreme. Cassiel mentioned that he and his really don’t deal with Earth in the same way that Luna, Mercury, Venus, and Sol do. He did not see things eye to eye with mankind. Saturn is all about the limits and the beginning and ending of things. He commented on the foolishness of trying to stop the end as all we are doing is stunting our growth when we try to stop the end and eventual rebirth of a thing.
He was cold and certain, and appeared like a man wearing a death mask. We talked about the clarity one can achieve when one accepts death and loss.
I asked for initiation into his sphere and I saw a vision of myself in a circle with a bunch of lights around me. As the circle expanded, some of the lights turned off as new lights turned on. He told me that I should consider myself as a different person.

So in a very small nut shell, this is what my experiences with the Archangelic Governors of the Spheres was like. I have had a TON of changes happen to me very shortly after my month long working and can say that I am a very different person for it.

It was the end of one Orismen, and the beginning of a new one.

*He was far more eloquent than that.
**though gritted teeth

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Make sure you talk to the each of the Olympicks and explicitly ask for Planetary Reconciliation. That is some serious fucking power once you start figuring out what they’ve given you. These guys hand you the keys to the material plane. I don’t think there’s any way to prepare someone for it - it’s totally outside what’s portrayed as possible (or at least easy and immediately accessible) by the occult mainstream.

Sounds like a pretty cool experience. I’ve accidentally came in possession of seven spheres some time ago (nephilim sent it by accident when I ordered the book of smokeless fire), or maybe it was not an accident and I needed this book. Haven’t tried working from it though since I got quite a bit of other stuff going on at the moment.

This is great! Quite inspirational, and much respect for the changes undergone and lessons learned on -your- path.

And welcome back, stranger!

Great thread, Orismen. Do you need the Opus book? Or can one use the Dennings planetary magick book for this type of work?

Thank you.

You do not need R.O.s book in order to work with Planetary Spirits and Archangels, that is just the method I used. I am not familiar with Denning’s book but if you look up “The Arte of Drawing Spirits into Crystals.” and you will get the gist of the work.

You could also look at gateways through stone snd circle as well and its available in paperback now on amazon and corrections were made to the images as well.

I’ve looked at the book. It looks great, but I am not in a financial situation to get all the things needed. Unless I can draw them on paper or wood that I find. I will start with the Dennings book first.