The elixir of Lilith

Hey, sexy people. I’d like to share this practical glamor spell to create a beauty serum for seduction. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A copy of Baal Kadmon’s The Magick of Lilith
  2. A Lilith statue (if you can’t purchase one, just print a picture of the Burney Relief and put it in a frame)
  3. 1 red candle
  4. 1 black candle
  5. Incense (the book calls for frankincense and myrrh, but for this purpose, we’ll use rose because of its magickal correspondences and because Lilith also loves roses)
  6. A bottle of pure, cold-pressed rosehip oil
  7. A plate of offering (the book says meat or egg, but since we’re doing a sex and beauty spell, dark chocolates and/or a cup of red wine are some of her favorites that we can use)

Perform the ritual “to gain seductive power” in the book. After feeling your oats in front of Lilith, open the bottle of rosehip oil. Swirl the bottle in a clockwise motion above the incense’s smoke and ask Lilith to anoint you with her powers of beauty and attraction. Place the offering on the table and thank her.

You may use it as a face oil every night or mix it with your favorite night cream. Additionally, try mixing a couple of drops with your liquid foundation or BB cream to sheer it out and give you a luminous, dewy glow.


Of course, you may use other carrier oils. You may even mix essential oils into them or infuse them with crystals. The reason why I’m personally recommending rosehip oil is that aside from being non-comedogenic, it comes from the rose plant, and Lilith is crazy about roses.

Just please note that because of its beta-carotene content, rosehip oil is prone to oxidation under the sun. Apply sunscreen afterwards if you’re gonna use it on your face during the day.

I will definitely be trying this.

Daily I place a cup of water in front of her altar and ask her to imbue it with her energy. I feel much more calm and grounded when I drink it. I also hear her within my mind much easier.