The elements of earth

I have been working with the earth element. Do you now any demons what under the earth element category if you know any could you help me.

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King of Earth Element is Ghob. He will be perfect for any of your workings. If you want more elemental spirits, read Summoning Spirits: The Art of Magical Evocation.

I have worked with Angel Phorlakh from the same book to get a new job, He worked very fast in my case. Thanks Phorlakh :slight_smile:

Mint just did a simple invocation of him very powerful l am earth and I am a Virgo it was good thing to contact him. thank you.


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Welcome, I am happy to help :slight_smile: .

Who is Mint?
Whom did he invoke Ghob or Phorlakh??

Just reading about angel phorlakh… Would you mind sharing more lights on this angel and which book can this angel be found.
Thanand in advance

Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos

He can find the right job for you quickly. He got me a job once within 3 days :wink: