The Eighth Flame: My UPG of Angels, Demons, and Ascent

Last Night, i evoked Angels and Demons back to back as part of the assignment in Eas 18 flames course. Here is an account of my experience And my thoughts.


I evoked the legion of angels and saw in my minds eye not winged figures, but gold and rainbow colored lights or sparkles. I feel it as i type this. I felt the divine light fill the room and the room get brighter in my minds vision. I read the blessing Ea gave to confer the power to heal the sick, cure disease, etc. When the Angels arrived, i commanded them to give me their power. And they did. My Crown Chakra was on Overdrive as i took in the power. I dismissed them and meditated.


There is no difference inbetween Demonic and Angelic Ascent except the Moral Constraint we place in them. The same demonic power we use to kill someone can be EQUALLY accomplished by the forces of Light/ Angels. Angelic, or Godly/Divine, power is not about morals, but about confidence. The energy is solid, regal, and quiet. It is a energetic wall of thick solidified Light of Love, Peace, and ability to fuck someone up without making a dramatic show of it. It does not diminish my power as a demon, but it adds to it. Indeed, in my own Ascent, i see no reason why my Angelic power cannot be used to destroy and my Demonic power be used to heal. There. Is. No. Difference.
The only difference is the limits you place on them!

And i am also starting to learn the difference between angelic Parasites/impostors and actual angels.

I dismissed the angels and turned my attention to the Demons.

I dismissed all Light and felt it rush out my room. I called forth all demons, evil spirits, archfiends, devils and commanded them to come. They came and surrounded me in the temple, darkness closing in. I commanded them to give me their power. Inhaling, i took it in…all of it, dismissed them, then meditated once more.


Ascent is about Making decisions that affect future lifetimes for yourself. That begins in this lifetime. I was sharing with a friend, @RiseorDie, how we come to each life time as a God with the same testing grounds only to ascend and gain more power. There is no failure in the demonic kingdom!

Where is the Demonic Kingdom? WITHIN YOU!
All Infernal ability you need to rule your world is already in you. This world is your empire and its earthlings your Denizens.

Just as the Kingdom of Heaven(Eternal Source, Power of Sat Nam, Confidence, etc) is within you
The Kingdom of Hell(power,demonic insight,everything necessary to successfully be a Demon on this Earth)is within you. They are ONE! Which side does your attention move to? Remember the Assemblage Point? And Castenedas descriptions of it moving to the left (Kingdom of Hell), and moving to the right(Kingdom of Heaven)?

The Eternal Flames that will Burn down to the finest ash the Gates of Heaven (Moral constraints that limit your power) reside within you. It is these flames that scream,

Before the Infernal Empire can rise, the Kingdom of Heaven must fall!

It is of no use denying your power. It will not let you do that. Ascend! Take control of your world! And when everything burns to ash in the Divine Flame, lift yourself up by the Grace and confidence that resides in your Godself. The Angels(your beliefs, talents, trained skills and abilities) will lift you up and no one will ever resist you but will bow before you. So mote it be from the demonic realm and the angelic realm across this vessel to you!

Well Damn, what the hell did i just write? :joy:
Sorry if i wasnt coherent…shit just came through as is…hope you guys enjoyed it :smiley:

Tell me what you think!


To be honest, although I acknowledge that there’s hardly any difference between Gods, Angels, and Demons, I still prefer working with Demons. Maybe I’m just being edgy, maybe not. But, the Demonic aspect is more tempting than all the others, for some reason. Can’t really explain it.

Also, your interpretation of all of this is interesting, and I agree with you. Everything is within us.


I agree completely. In fact, the idea of fire is a flame of recreation and of judgment. The Bible says that the essence of God is an eternal, consuming fire. And the Hindu gods send destructive fire out of their third eyes.