The Dragon Star

I returned to the Dragons Gateway last night. Walked through the mouth of the dragon.
Approached the Heart of the Dragon.

The black dragon within appeared out of the darkness. “What is it you seek?” It rumbled. I asked for a sigil, the darkness before me started to form. It was blurry, I sat there for a bit but could not see past this hazy image. (Little did I know there was a purpose)

I didn’t ask more questions, I will ask again when i go back. My main goal was to bask in the energy’s within the Heart.
Asking the black dragon if I could so, “Enter Draconian” it said.

Stepping through the pulsating sphere into darkness I done exactly what i set out to do. I fell asleep while in this place. Basking in its energy.

Upon awaking this morning my brain feels like its tingling. It goes blank. That feeling when your crown activates at the top of your head. But the whole brain. Like seeing through new eyes.

Trying to hold onto it seems counter productive. When allowing the energy to be in its chaotic form, shapeless formless,always moving it stays longer.


Wow. I love dragons so much.
I want to meet some


I got home from work and had a urge to research dragons.

Stumbling upon a webpage I read all I could about them.

There was one particular word that stood out more than the others “Azazel” in that moment the image of the black dragon changed into Azazel. When asking for the sigil all I saw was hazy darkness.

Now in my mind the sigil was clear, it was Azazels. Though we don’t see what we need to in the moment, it presents itself when we ask at some point, and usualy for a reason. This has significant meaning to me. A following image presenting itself straight after. The planet Saturn. And while writing this a black box.

More research.

Again tonight i walked through the dragons gateway. Approached the dragons heart and asked my questions. Which will not be posted here for personal reasons.

The Black Dragon changed forms first into the obsidian armoured knight im familiar with, then into a daemonic form I’m also familiar with. I asked for the Sigil from the previous night. Lo and behold the darkness covering the sigil disappeared and there before me was Azazels Sigil.

Azazel opened a portal “Follow me” so i did. Stepping through the portal there was a black pyramid pulsing with energy it had specs of dark blue within. The eye of the dragon symbol was on the sides.

Azazel seemed to pluck a miniature version of this from its source, then reverting to The Black Dragon form reached out with its claw and pushed it into where my third eye is.

Again loosing consciousness, blacking out remembering waking up this morning.




Wow. Did it strengthen your third eye

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Not sure yet havent experimented. I’ve had to work hard to see stuff in the physical and mental planes. Hard work pays off.


This ritual came to mind a few moments ago. Like its a piece of the puzzle. That @C.Kendall shared. Thank you brother.

This was performed about 2 weeks ago. I drew the masked sigil and could feel the power resonating from it. It was one of the most potent I’ve felt.
Looking at it it was as if the mask wanted to leap of the paper and plant itself on my face. And I havent even opened it yet.

Gazing at the sigil and opening it, all that power just disappeared including my own. Everything just stopped, I couldn’t feel anything, sense anything as if all my energy had gone.

It felt like I was being broken down, to be built back up again. It was a strange and eery experience to have no energy or senses. This has happened once before working with the Devil Gene.

I thanked Azazel, Closed the ritual, and decided to do this same ritual another day. Looking back alot of stuff has happened since. Being broken down and built back up. It makes sense now.


For Reference: 7, 11


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Again I traveled to the dragons gate. This time I used a different technique. From a post by @C.Kendall. Thanks again.
Though no explanation was given how this is done. Intuition and intent was used, it has a very unique experience to it.

Activating the 3 points with fire, blood and water until a sheet of black energy appeared In a triangle.

Traveling through it. Complete nothingness, that’s when a black dragon seemed to come out of nowhere and swallow me. (This was The only time traveling through this gateway that I saw images)

I found myself in a familiar place, the pulsating heart, Azazel in dragon form. This time the vision was more detailed but warped.

The dragon manifested into the black knight. “Follow me” he opened a portal and stepped through. I followed.

The portal lead to a throne adorned with weapons and armour. Azazel stood next to the throne. “Sit” he said. Bit confused knowing somehow this was his throne. I done what he asked and sat.

That’s when he also sat merging with me. Fusing becoming one. Ant’huratu appeared before us. “Show him” Azazel said.

The dark orb in my chest pulsed at the command given.
I was taken back to when i was a kid. When I’d have knighmares and could sense things in my room. The time when something came out of the wall, and I thought it was something out of a horror movie.

Now watching, the face of Azazel was replaced with the images. I understood. They have always been there from the beginning. The vision stopped.

“Now you understand, rid yourself of doubt.” Azazel said.
I stood up knowing all to well what had just happened.

Azazel re-emerging in front of my eyes. We walked back through the portal. Back to the Heart of the Dragon.

“When you leave this place, take what you find back with you”
I thanked him and left out of the mouth of the dragon.

Darkness, Void, Nothingness Greeted me. I became it. I was like this for a while. It was peacefull.
At some point I returned through the gateway. Heaviness returning, form returning.

I traveled back to where my physical body lay. And let loose what i had brought back with me.

I saw a vision of reality that looked like Swiss cheese. Existence with pockets of unformed reality. Or maybe it’s the other way around. :wink:


I haven’t been back through the dragons gateway since.
Instead Every night I travel through the activated gateways of these systems.
All thought stops, Merging with Darkness, and dark light if that makes sense. Just being there, then returning.

Thinking about being in that place during my waking life has the effect of stillness, no mind and a vibratory feeling throughout the body. More experiments are in order.


I returned to the dragons gate once again to seek council on a decision.

Entering through the mouth and traveling to the Heart, a familiar dragon appeared out of the darkness. “Hello Azazel”
Gazing upon the the dragon form of Azazel in awe as usual as he emerged from the darkness.
“How can I assist?”

The past two nights I had attempted to travel to the Draco System.
It was unusual what had happend. I felt like I was being watched. Once in the system the first night I blacked out. The second night the same thing happened.

No I wasn’t tired. It felt like going through thick energy. It was Strange. The Draco system calls but I black out when i go there.

Belial visited during the day at some point and asked me to goto the Abyss.

So my question to Azazel “Which path should I take tonight?”

“Goto the Abyss, with Belial” he said.
“Consider it done, Thank you Azazel” I said

Belial appeared opened a portal and we both stepped through. Before me was a gateway of thick swirling Dark Energy.

“Hahaha hahaha” Belial laughed
“Hahaha hahaha” I laughed with him
“Before you go” he Said, raising his hand to my forehead. I saw the seed of darkness where he had placed his hand.

“Have fun hahahahaha” he said.
I went through the gateway. Shadows, Whispers, Darkness taking form then disappearing. I traveled as far in as I could until…

A shadowy figure stopped dead in front of me. Face to face. Somehow I knew this was my shadow self. “Hello, I said. Merge with me Shadow Self”

With no hesitation I embraced the dark shadow aspect of my being. Can’t really remember what happened after that


Returning once again to the dragons gateway. Through the mouth into the darkness and approached the Heart of the Dragon.

This is now the place I seek council on that which I seek to know or learn.

Researching upon different ways to harness and use energy, i had a questions about chakra systems.
“Azazel what chakra system should I use”

“You are one with Qlippoth, continue strengthing and using the energy within.
You also have these now, learn to use them and harness them.”

I was shown what was placed within, the Heart of the Dragon, and the pyramid with the dragons eye symbol on it. Black with a slight blue in color.

Interesting I thought. I have been experimenting with this during the day with great results. Extending it outwards, tapping into the energy and observing it, mentaly and physycily.

“Thank you Azazel” I said.
Before asking my next question a familiar form appeared. Hecate.

“Hello Hecate” I said
“Hello Dear” she responded
“Do you have a dragon form Hecate?” I asked.
“Follow me to the forest dear” Hecate said as she opened up a portal.

I followed her through the portal to a dark misty forest. I familiar place which I have been before, where I once got swallowed my a serpent. I know this place.

As a looked around I saw the head of a giant Black Dragon laying their with its jaws opened wide. Another dragons gateway. I followed her through the open mouth into the darkness.

This time a saw a sparkling purple star in the distance. As I approached and got closer, it was a massive purple pulsating orb. Emerging from the darkness surrounding the heart of this particular dragon. A purple dragon appeared.

“My Dragon form Dear.” Standing there in awe. “Hahaha” Hecate laughed at my shock.

The purple dragon reached into the Heart of the Dragon producing a smaller version of it. And pushed it into my chest.
Waves of energy pulsated throughout my body as a vision presented itself.

Multiple colours, multiple hearts. Spheres within spheres. Though they seemed to be the same size. 11 of them in total.
“Find them dear, there are 9 more”
Hecates voice echoed as the vision faded.

The purple dragon remerged in front of me. Hecate shifted back to a familiar form.
“There is one more thing, follow me dear”
She opened up a portal and stepped through. I followed.

A purple pyramid with the dragons eye.
Hecate shifted into the purple dragon, reached in and pulled a miniature version of this pyramid out. Then pushed it into my forehead.

Again waves of energy pulsated within my being. My physical eyes rolled back in my head. It was intense.

When things settled I seemed to be back at the Heart of the Dragon. “Find the red dragon next dear.” I could feel a smile.
I walked up to the purple dragon and placed my hand upon it to show my affection " Thank you Hecate"

I left through the mouth of the dragon and made my way back to where my physical self layed. “The Red Dragon, who is the Red Dragon?” Then images started flooding my mind, a familiar figure appeared…


Always fun to read your journal. Very nice descriptions. As I read i can picture everything as if I would stand next to you (maybe not as grand as it probably is but yeah :D).
Im still only doing chakra-meditation and have much to do until I get to your state but I hope I will see the Heart someday.


Thanks @Kenny90
I actualy typed up a guide today for those who are interested. I’ll post it below.
It starts of as a normal meditation but as soon as I step through the dragons mouth it shifts to trance state.

You already see then. Trick is knowing.

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This is something ive been working with For a while now. If it’s helped me, it can help you.

For those who seek their own dragons.
Follow the path set before you.

Close your eyes.
breath deeply and relax.
Call upon those who guide you.
Some you will know by name
Some you will not.

Behind those closed eyelids is darkness.
Now within that darkness imagine/visialize a massive black dragon head appear.
It’s jaws are open, wide open.
It’s size reaches 10 stories high.

Walk upto the mouth of this Dragon and feel the power emanating from within it.
This is your own personal black dragon.

Walk inside and as you walk in you feel the atmosphere change. It’s dark, you’ve just walked through a portal and you can feel it in your bones.

Keep walking forward into the darkness.
In the distance you can see a star sparkling. What colour is it?
That is for you to see and you alone.

Walk, float, fly towards the star until it gets bigger. The choice is yours.
When you reach it, it’s a massive pulsating sphere of whatever colour you see.

Around the sphere is darkness.
From that darkness the head of a dragon appears.
The colour of the dragon is the same as the sphere.
See its body and legs appear and then the wings. Notice the detail, and energetic presence this Dragon creates within you.

Greet it and ask any question you want.
Listen and recieve the answer.
It may be a image, a vision, or words.

When your done asking questions.
Picture the dragon reach Into the sphere with its claw.
Pulling out a miniature version of the sphere.
Then bringing it towards you and placing it within your chest. pushing it in with its claw.
Feel the power of the dragon pulsate through you.
See and feel the sphere within your chest, 20cm X 20cm sphere approx.

Thank the dragon.
You can ask more questions or
Stick around for a bit.

When you a ready leave through the dragons mouth you entered.
Come back to your body
And open your eyes.

Go back to this place as often as you need.
This is your own sacred space. A place of change, learning and teaching.

You will see what you need see, this is just a initial guide. Keep going back there and the connection will get stronger.


For Reference and research

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I closed my eyes and called out to lilith.
I knew she was already there.
Making a grand entrance within my sight in a form I had not seen her before.

Wow!!! I thought. Very seductress.
“Hello Darling” she said as she walked around me with her hand tracing around my back.

“Hello lilith, are you the red dragon?” I said
She laughed then came up from behind and whispered in my ear.
“Are you not going to the dragons gate darling?”
“Which one?” Bit confused knowing there was going to be a third and I have seen two.

“The one you always goto” she whispered in my left ear.
Remembering I always went to the first one then being taken to others. “Oh yeah, thanks” she grabbed my hand and off we went.

We approached the dragons gate. At this point lilith took of ahead of me. I walked through the mouth of the dragon and made my way to the Heart of the Dragon. “Hello Azazel” I said as I approached the Heart of the Dragon. His dragon form emerged from the darkness.

“Found the Red Dragon hahaha” he said while laughing. A red dragon appeared beside him. Crimson Red with Black Horns, Liliths dragon form. “Oh Wow” I said out loud. Even though I know my thoughts and feeling can be read.

“You like what you see darling?” Lilith said
“Of course” I replied
Lilith manifested into her seductress form (That’s what I’m calling it. Her energy is so enchanting and alluring)
“Follow me” she said as she grabbed my hand and opened a portal with the wave of her hand.
We both stepped through.

The vision before me was of a black dragon with its mouth wide opened, it’s eyes had flames. The surrounding area was lit with burning flames. The sky looked Smokey.

I was a bit awe struck, this is not what I expected. Enjoying the scenery.
Lilith pulled me along by the hand towards the dragons open mouth.
“Come Darling” she said with a small giggle.

We walked towards the mouth of the dragon which was covered with flames. We walked into the flames and into the dragon Gateway. Past the flames was darkness. Lilith seemed to have disappeared. I continued forth.

I saw a sparkling star in the distance, flickering red. I made my towards it.
As I got to the Heart of the Dragon, the sphere before me was a sphere of flames.
I could catch a glimpse of sparkling red beneath every now and then.

Interesting, this is different. Lilith appeared out of the darkness in dragonform towering over the flaming sphere before me. Crimson Red, Black Horns, Firey Eyes.

She reached into the flaming red sphere and pulled a miniature version of it out. Brought it to my chest and pushed it in with her claw. Energy rushed throughout my body. Like it was set alight. The flames seemed to go throughout my whole body.

When things seemed to settle I refocused on the surroundings. I could sense the presence of another dragon. I didn’t seek to ask it questions. I’m not sure why.
Lilith had manifested back into her seductress form.

She walked up to me, grabbed my hand.
“Come Darling” opened a portal and we stepped through.
A pyramid that that was covered in flames was before us. I couldn’t see any pictures on this one, probably Because it was covered in flames.

She manifested back into dragon form, reached in pulling out a smaller version of it. Brought it to my head and pushed it into my forehead. Energy rippled throughout my head. I don’t remember much after this.

I thanked her while writing this. Just in case I forgot to at the time. Respect always.

During the day I have been experimenting with the firey red orb, expanding it. Each time I do I find myself at the gate of the red dragon. The Power/Presence of the energy hits my physical body
Its definitely a firey energy. Almost like being in two places at once.

The other noticeable difference when activating, expanding the red orb and pyramid. Was the activation of the third eye. I can see and feel a spiral of black energy right between my eyes expanding outwards. Though I seem to get headaches more often when in this state.


I keep seeing this in front of my forehead. Reminds me of the seed of darkness but it’s a 11 pointed star. Focusing on different points, they light up in correlation to the dragons gates. That’s all I have so far.

Strange thing is I traveled to Hecates forest last night, went through the gateway there. I was quite tired don’t remember much, I remember seeing this. I fell asleep and had dreams of a black cube. Dismantling it, creating different shapes by unfolding it.

I wake up this morning open my eyes and there’s a black cube in front of my waking eyes. I jumped up, WTF? It was a reflection of my window with the blind down in my T.V. haha.
The light from outside created the image of a black box on my T.V. screen. Defenetly a message.


To cold… I had a idea to do my ritual in meditation instead under my Doona. This Azazelian current.

I closed my eyes, and thought of Azazel. Instantly merging. And before me this 11 pointed star floated before my forehead.

The expansion you get when your third eye opens was already there. “Bring it into you” Azazel said. I brought that floating 11 pointed star into the area between my eyes. The feeling between my eyebrows spread throughout the body. The energy surge was massive. I could feel my physical eyes roll back in my head and a surge of energy run up my spine.

My back arched as this happened. I sat with the energy for as long as I needed to. Then continued. A black mask appeared before me and wrapped around my face, causing another surge of energy to ripple throughout my body.

I then started to be propelled forward towards the planet Saturn. Straight into the eye of the storm.
The storm was massive, chaotic, pure raw power. That reached hundreds of thousands of miles. Right in the middle of this monster of a storm was a Little black box.

“Open it” Azazel said. I picked it up, and thought “Open” in my mind. The black box opened and from within was a black star glistening like it was obsidion. It looked three dimension kind of like this.

“Bring it into you” Azazel said
Just thinking about bringing it into me, the star floated towards my forehead and came into my head. Now I thought the energies before were intense, this was insane, I felt like I was going to explode.

Intuitively I openened a black box that was inside me already, which produced another star. I then merged that star from within, with the external star within which settled the energies from exploding frequencies to bearable. As within so without.

The storm then started to rise from the planet higher into the air. And reached into space. It started to take form of a dragon. A massive storm Dragon.

At this point a started thinking about something that pissed me off. I can not name that here due to rules so…

I saw this storm Dragon rise from the Saturnian storm vortex take form and proceed to earth where I saw visions of it destroying this thing that had pissed me off. Its pissed alot of other people off too from its corruption. Just leaving it at that.

I don’t remember much after this.
I do remember there seemed to be another being with Azazel I don’t know who it was, he gave off a raw power like presence. Im sure I’ll find out soon.
I woke up with my third eye area beaming.


Man that is some serious epic stuff, thanks for sharing!! :smile: you’ll probably get far more people viewing it, since it are months where lots of people are on vacation… :slight_smile: Thanks again for sharing your gnosis, and all that contributed to it! :slight_smile: That’s pure gold! :smile:


Your Welcome, and thanks for your comment.
Not really fussed how many views it gets, if it can help someone, Awesome.
Waiting to see results, and being able to apply what i experience there to the physical world :smile:


I closed my eyes and expanded my energy beyond all of existence until there was nothing but darkness.
The intention was to visit the first dragons gate, it didn’t work out that way.

Within that darkness I dissolve and become it, then travel to where I want to go. Before I could do that I saw a dragon form, made of darkness. It opened its mouth and swallowed me, devouring me within it.

My eyes rolled back in my head as I was met with darkness within the dragon. Only to see another dragon rise from the darkness bigger than before and devour me within itself.

And once again a massive dragon within the second dragon appeared opened its massive jaws and devoured me again. This has happened before, always three times and I usualy see something I meant to see.

Within this third dragon was a sea of dragons, Blackness, darkness, shadows. And one massive dragon. All I could see was its head. Sitting right in front of it was an orb that looked like the ones in the dragon gateways.

It would change colours constantly. Interesting I thought. While watching this orb change colours A black serpent rose before me, opening its mouth and a devouring me. I seemed to dissolve with in it.

After a while it let me out, I wasn’t the same. I was shadowy, stumbling around trying to get my bearings. Very wierd feeling.
Then I started growing. Horns, scales, snout. I could feel myself changing. Legs, tail wings. I was turning into a dragon.
I got larger.

It was a awesome feeling. Then the massive dragon I saw before was tiny, so was the Orb that changed colours. I heard the big dragon speak in my head.
“Devour us, Bring us inside of you”

I asked my higher self it this was ok to do this.
I got a yes.
I opened my jaws and swallowed these dragon beings along with the Orb, bringing them within me.

I felt them inside shifting and changing me from within. As this was happening a dragon bigger than me appeared and again I got devoured. This has never happened more than three times. And again and again. Going deeper and deeper into madness. (Being devoured takes me into a trance state I’ve learned)

Things got a bit wierd after that. Dark flashes of creepy stuff, I saw stuff my brain couldn’t comprehend. I can’t even put it into words. It was like my brain was flashing on and off with imagery I couldn’t comprehend.

After things settled down, I asked what the purpose of all this is? “To make you stronger” was the answer I got. Couldn’t sleep so wrote this. :crazy_face: