The Do's and Don'ts when dealing with Malevolent Spirits using Magick

Often times lower astral plane entities will often attack anyone with Psychic Abilities. These Entities attack for several reasons and at times are beyond reason to negotiate. One most know the proper way to defend themselves without committing any crime that would be punishable by the Spirit Ascended Assembly. The Spirit Ascended Assembly is the group of Ascended Spirits who are in charge of law and order within the Spirit Relms. They dictate the punishments and laws which govern Spirit Societies.

  1. Do not perform BANEFUL Magick spell towards Malevolent Spirits. Seek permission from Spirit Ascended Assembly when contemplating on performing a spell directed towards Malevolent Spirits. A Spell towards a Malevolent Spirit should be consider a last course of action.

  2. Alternative routes to try before seeking guidance to performing a Spell towards a Malevolent Spirits
    a. Perform protective Magick not directed towards any Malevolent Spirit
    b. Do healing Magick to heal the troubled Spirit

  3. Contact Ascended Spirit by praying or evocation to seek guidance (4 Winds Ritual)

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Spirit Ascended Assembly? Sounds like something right out of a role playing game. lol

Is it connected to Blavatsky’s “White Brotherhood?”

Nope. That goes against the basic tenets of the Left Hand Path.

Nope, again. No ethereal group has the right to dictate what is or isn’t a crime or how one defends themselves.

This whole thing sounds really odd coming from someone who stated in his introduction that he’s only been involved in magick for six months, and therefor is unlikely to have much experience dealing with malevolent entities.



There is no cosmic accountant, no cosmic judge. Cosmic justice is a false idea spread to keep people down.

This should be reclassified as RHP or pure fiction.


Exactly. I’m going to move this to the RHP section.


Yeah… I’m going to call bullshit on this one. Which RPG you been playing too much of?


Do such groups exist in the astral? Undoubtedly.

Are they “in charge of law and order in the spirit realms?” Maybe a very small neighbourhood within the spirit realms, but certainly nowhere near all of the available realms.

Do they “dictate the punishments and laws which govern spirit societies?” Improbable. I just can’t see the Infernal nations putting up with that kind of shit.


What are the names of the members of this assembly? From whence do they stem and for whom do they protect?

As someone who is more and more engaged in conflict, why have they not assisted?

Why have I not heard about them from any other source than here?

Where did you hear about them? What gives them the authority to punish anyone for anything? If theyre ascended, wouldnt they understand the need to defend onesself?


@DarkestKnight, I respect you immensely. I have to admit I am not convinced of this. I would appreciate being informed and educated on this matter. Could you please provide some more detail?

This got me chills :grinning:.

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I don’t have any more details. It’s just an opinion based on what I’ve read about Ascended Masters and their ilk.

They’ve been mentioned in various iterations, from Blavatsky’s White Brotherhood, to the various New Age “Rays,” to EA’s travels with his mentor Master Sunham (sp?). In the Soul Travel course, for example, part of the lesson is to travel to the Temple and meet with Sunham and other Masters for further training.

This tells me that various groups do exist, and they all seek to further their own agendas. However, I sincerely doubt the OP’s proclamation that one such group oversees every spiritual realm, and doles out punishments.


Thank you, @DarkestKnight. This makes more sense to me now.

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I’m very sorry for all the confusion about this guide. I unintentionally posted the draft version of this article which contains inaccurate information. I will edit this with the more accurate version. In the newer version the “Spirit Ascended Assembly” will be replaced with “Ascended Masters”. The sentence “Ascended Spirits who are in charge of law and order within the Spirit Relms” is also inaccurate and will be corrected.

I’ve been around Magik for a long time 32 years and I’ve never heard of this “Spirit Ascended Assembly” ever.

Well I just googled 4 winds ritual. It seems to be a system that was started by a psychologist out of San Francisco, CA that starts with Micheal Harner’s research on shamanism and then builds it’s own system out of that.

I’ve done extensive work using Micheal Harner’s research and there is no “Spiirt Accended Assembly”
I think that’s a concept that’s been invented by this new system out of San Fransisco.

I hope I didn’t sound like I was raining on your parade. If working with this 4 winds system works for you that’s what you should do.

True, I’ve seen groups who’ve put together groups to “judge” those who do baneful magick, groups of thoughtforms in the astral who were created to be “police” of such. It’s pretty funny to me.

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I have astral projected over the Black Lake of Fire and put malevolent spirits into it so yes there is justice out there for crimes and wrongdoing.