The dissaperence of timelines and unusual constalations

Hi I have been wondering if anyone else has noticed that the constalations have been odd for everyone else. For instance the position of Orion being in different and odd places through out the year as well the upcoming Orian meteor shower and when both my mother and I looked around the sky two nights in a row he was no where to be found but instead Draco and what looked like Scorpio and several unknown constalations.

As for the timeline dissaperence has anyone else felt the changing of the past or other quantum flux shenanigans made by “scientific” experiments for the “benefit” of humanity as a whole. Because after not only my time being an alchemist/metaphysist and speaking with mother Gaia I have heard and seen things that are in all due honesty are absurdly daunting and I would love some confirmation from others would help put my mind at ease if at just a little would be grand.



what have you heard from her?

I can confirm things for you.


Are you referring to theories regarding the Large Hedron Particle Collider?

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I have heard that the dimensions are destabilizing and timelines are dissaperening but not to worry however she is very pissed about human actions. Things are going to be messy and out right terrifying in some situations.

Yes the LHC is indeed responsible due to the spikes and as well with them having a statue of Shiva the destroyer on the compound. They are essentially creating a rudamenty star gate/ teleportation method that somewhat works in not getting people killed in the process. As well as the massive storms that have pop up over Cern after their test and experiments. It also has to do with nuclear weapons testing starting back in the 40’s.

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There are two definitions for quantum for atomic particles and the other is time. I believe those in charge of funding LHC know what they are doing but for what their end goal is beyond me in all due honesty.

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