The Disappearance of the Universe

Greetings, I was wondering if anyone has read this or any other book by Gary Renard? Basically the book breaks down the non dualistic text of A Course in Miracles into simple terms. The author gives his own account of applying the non dualistic metaphysics of A Course in Miracles and how it brought him peace.

Probably as right hand path as it gets. Life is a series of forgiveness lessons and when you have nothing left to forgive, you’re enlightened and there is no longer a need for a universe, it quite literally disappears. What’s interesting about the book is that the two ascended masters that speak with the author both were two of Jesus’s lesser known disciples, Thomas and Thaddeus. They also go into detail about the life of Jesus (his whole crucifixion was to show people there is no death and a guiltless mind cannot suffer, etc) There is also an explanation of what caused the big bang. Into eternity where all is one there crept a tiny mad idea “what if I could have my own existence apart from all there is?” And this idea inside the God mind literally made everything.

I’ve exhausted the search function on the subject of non duality and saw people were interested in actual accounts of Yeshua (not the distorted myth we’re presented with) so this book may be of interest to some. Anyway, I’m interested to hear thoughts about this author from those who have read him or about A Course in Miracles in general from the LHP.

Interesting - for what it’s worth, that basic description (without any kind of moral trappings - by which I mean, no judgements based on desire or aversion towards any state, or emotion) fits my own RHP explorations, which I posted about here.

It was like the universe collapsed back into my “one point of observation” and I realised that everything within it was an aspect of myself, meaning (mostly) my small human incarnate self, which is really hard to describe to anyone who hasn’t lived it.

I think if this material resonates with you, then go for it - I don’t regret a moment I spent studying that stuff, despite deciding to remain “here” afterwards. :slight_smile:

Yep, I guess we can refer to the experience you had and what this book describes as pure non dual awareness. I read a lot of your posts Eva, would you say that the LHP in a way is having that awareness but choosing to stay and make a God of yourself here on Earth? Despite the knowledge that the ultimate reality is a sort of non dual state of infinite oneness?

DevilDoll, you might be interested to read through this thread I started:

It VERY much relates to this sort of thing. Ignore the paranoid dramatic posts by myself lol- as you’ll see I’ve currently got a bit of an issue with all of this stuff- but working on resolving it :slight_smile:

The disappearance of universe is one and the same to one’s perspective upon reaching godhood. When one reaches godhood, everything disappears as much allike as what the god can only see is himself. Such ideas convey the same meaning, being one with the source.

Miracle? What I can tell is a definition and a general detail.

So, here’s my definition. Miracle is magick, obviously used more on the side of RHP. So has the same meaning with my definition of magick as I relate it to this present time. Magick is used as term, by witness, to identify an event that they can’t explain where that event is the effect of a cause only known by the magician. Therefor, magick is higher knowledge attainable by knowing, understanding, and then doing the magick itself.

I don’t think that I agree with this statement. Otherwise, the current gods that we contact and evoke wouldn’t be able to be evoked because all that would exists in their reality is themselves.

I think that becoming a separate deity to the source is entirely possible.

Well, being one with the all doesn’t mean he only exist alone. When someone becomes one with the whole, (it is better if I put it this way) he will have absolute power over all. Being a true god is limitless, not bound by space-time.

What I mean by seeing only himself is, there is still the universe(material) but it will seem to disappear for the god will realize that the whole universe,the whole existence, is he himself and that does not mean the universe will become one person. Don’t view it in material sense for matter is bound with limit.

People are already doing that. What seperates this (God) of mass consciousness and the Devil is actual physical power on an individual level.


Not all LHP people aspire to staying on Earth, but I happen to want that.

Despite the knowledge that the ultimate reality is a sort of non dual state of infinite oneness?

^ Important point - the RHP is the belief that this is the “ultimate” and therefore desired-for, aspirational state, the “Truth” to which all things must come - whereas I see it as the origins only, the matrix (NOT the movie version) from which life springs forth, and the desire to merge back into it appears to me as being like a fetus that’s reabsorbed back into the womb of the mother, before it can even take a breath as a seperate being.

So, I don’t see Merger as a truer, cleaner, better state of which I’m in childish denial, like a kiddy avoiding bedtime a little longer, which is how LHP goals seem to be characterised by some people.

All natural systems (that spring force from the same Source) tend towards more complexity, more inter-dependence and (above all) more LIFE, and this is the natural law of Life & Self-Expression I adhere to. :slight_smile:

If I made some little clay men, I’d want them to have adventures and grow and become more interesting, not spend all their time trying to find the original clay packet and squidge themselves back into it…

JMO. :slight_smile: