The difference between current iniciation and pathworking?

Hey guys, i think you could help me out with this one Lo.oL

I’m sorry, but to clarify what you’re asking, is “iniciation” supposed to be initiation?

If that is the case, then initiation is the beginning of a spiritual process, while pathworking is simply a technique that uses the imagination as a bridge to the spiritual via elemental imagery (see the books Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, and Raziel’s Paths of Power for what I mean)

There is much confusion about the definition of pathworthing though. The term comes from the Kabbalah, and originally referred to the walking in vision of the 22 Paths on the Tree of Life. In modern usage, however, the term has also come to mean any specific operation involving a particular group of entities. BALG’s 9 Gatekeepers, for example, is often called a pathworthing.