The Devil's Tail

Yes, the Devil’s tail. I’ve recently read on a post the mention of the Black Snake and it made me remind of the kundabuffer wich Samael Aun Weor talked about in his books (he copy pasted a lot from many famous authors, so I thought he was just saying nonsense).

I read here it’s something alike Kundalini, but it’s opossite, so… what is it exactly? related to Qliffot? thanks in advance

I’m familiar of Kunda-buffer from G. I. Gurdjieff (although I hadn’t heard of it termed the “devil’s tail” nor this S A Weor person- but as you mention he “adopted” from prior famous authors Gurdjieff would make sense would be in there)… I’m not sure were Gurdjieff might have the term from (or if he coined it) but it coming from a (near-) Eastern (suf-influenced as well as some east-indian Vedic-yoga, but with a very different Current).

Much like ideas referenced in writings of those who one has to think like in order to read, and thus many are referencing terms in new works that are "easier to read’ (bigger font, more focused chapters- vs the previous linkage wandering- loops) -ie Gurdjieff, even Crowley, Kenneth Grant, -especially the one he brought to the attention of people (A.O. Spare)- each of those, and others, are hard-to-read as the language seems to be pointing to something else/beyond “usual-wordings” / and they each develop their own sort of Paradigm-terms, so that comparing a part of their writings to ‘anything’ else is a bit tricky (I think)… I hope that adds something.