The Devil's Stone REVEALED - 30 Minute Presentation

The Devil’s Stone REVEALED!

Right Here:

Watch hardcore 30-minute exposition on black magick, featuring:

  • Physical Evocation of Angels, Demons, Gods, and More
  • How to Make Pacts with Spirits to Inherit Power
  • Secrets to Binding Spirits to Objects, Locations, and More
  • Forbidden Rituals of Demonic Possession and Exorcism
  • The Devil’s Stone…

This presentation introduces you to the FULL CURRICULUM that you’ll learn inside Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence.

Watch Now:

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Here’s the full length presentation, from Youtube:

The Devil’s Stone REVEALED

Gonna def take a look when I get home! EXCITED!!!

Man after I buy the Mastering Divination program next month I’m gonna get this one in 6 months time…cant wait for this one.omnipotence redefined!!!Hell ya!!!

My scrying practice Note:I’ve been practicing srying into my laptop screen for about 2 weeks…after doing the Invoking Omnipotence exercise from EE…the static were coming instantly…but not increasing much during the meditation…but yesterday night I was feeling voraciously sleepy…nd trying to take advantage of the situation…started scrying…as my eyes were just about to close…the static suddenly became everywhere on my vision in a blast…but the state existed for just a second…and my eyes closed…it was a great experience from me…which has given me the indication that if I go with my practise diligently…I’ll be master the state after a period of time for sure!!!

Steadily the duration of the state is increasing with practice nd the static also seems to come quicker and even when I m not meditating but perhaps I’ll have to go 2-3 months to get a reasonable progress in this matter!!!

This has encouraged me a lot and I’ve started to save my money for the Mastering Divination program…I’ll buy it next month for sure!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks to EA for writing the awesome book EE!!!And thanks to Robert Bruce through whom I found EA!!!



And thanks to Timothy too for working like anything to bring this course program to thousands of serious magic enthusiasts and practitioners and keeping the stuff affordable by all!!!

Without my life’s nothing but a carnival of rust!!!

U guys rock!!!

I just got done reviewing the video…HO-LEE-SHIT!!!

That’s MORE than I was expecting. I’ll be busy for a while!!! Thanks again Timothy & EA.

Just watched the video, and this course looks amazing. Really looking forward to it.

Thanks guys!

Stunning. Can’t wait!

Thank you so much Tim and EA for the insightful presentation. It answered many questions for me. the pricing is more than reasonable for the content. Will purchase.