The Devil & The Lovers Combined

So, I did a quick 5-card spread to check how my May will be, and I’m wondering if I’m seeing things right or what… I mean, some really interesting cards came up, and I’m always great at reading for others, but when it comes to myself… it’s just not so easy. So I’m interested in your input here.

In order, from left to right:
Death / Knight of Swords / Ace of Cups / The Devil / The Lovers

Interesting, huh? The Devil and The Lovers are mirrors of each other, and they poppped up side by side… and also, I’m a Gemini Sun (which is connected to The Lovers card itself).

My interpretation:
The first two seem to be showing some swift change, something that happens overnight, but could it be because of some impulsive decision I make? Because the Knight of Swords makes it seem like it’d be as a consequence of a voluntary, impulsive choice of mine. It’s also interesting how the white horses are opposing each other. Maybe some massive change is coming and I’ll try to resist it?
Edit: I’m also thinking these two could be representing a dangerous aggression or assault?

Then the other three cards seem to be clearly pointing at something romantic happening. Perhaps something new (Ace of Cups) that starts steamy (The Devil) and then evolves into something more emotional and meaningful (The Lovers)?

Am I seeing what I want to see, or are these things actually what’s being shown to me? I always have issues reading for myself, but it’s a shame that I can see things so clearly for others and not use this tool to improve my own life.

Background: I’m a woman and I’ve chosen to stay single for a couple of years now. Closest “romantic” thing I’ve got in my life right now is a guy I’ve been talking to online for the past few months, and things do tend to get hot often, but we never met (I don’t want to and he’s not rushing me, which is great).
That guy is the only one I can think that might fit what the last three cards are trying to show, but maybe it’s someone else? I’m not going out or “putting myself out there” even.

Edit: I pulled three clarifiers and they’re The Emperor / King of Swords / 6 of Pentacles, so there could be a love triangle going on here? But with whom? I mean, I’m not involved with anyone, who are these guys? lol

And the guy I know so far is actually a few years younger than me, while these two seem older or around my same age. Maybe they’re not about love at all, despite the Ace of Cups and The Lovers? What am I missing…


Did anyone else get these combined before (even if partially)?
What events happened to you afterwards?

How can the first two connect to the last three?

Maybe my interpretation should be more spiritual and less practical? Maybe The Lovers is just about me having a couple of choices and me doing what I’d have to do, as if I were bound to do it (The Devil)?

Is my interpretation waaaay too off, or does it seem accurate?

What am I missing here? Thoughts?

Was it just a general reading, or what was the question exactly? And is there a structure and meaning to the spread?

Initially, I just asked how my May would turn out. I got no big plans for the month or anything, so I didn’t ask about anything in particular.

No structure for the spread either, just 5 cards.

I see, that can make things a bit uncertain. But in this case, with the Ace of Cups, if it refers to a relationship, The Devil, as Capricorn, the Geomantic Carcer, and the path between Tiphareth and Hod, it could mean moving into the relationship because of preconceived ideas, perhaps leading to or from obsession. The Lovers supports this in that the relationship may be artificial in a sense, stemming from the mind instead of from reality. Or perhaps a spirit has influence in this relationship (Perhaps not likely)

Otherwise, If it is about spirituality, it could be about great spiritual freedom.

I think I just figured out the Death / Knight of Swords part, because I had a big argument a few days ago and decided to cut some people off after setting the record straight… so it makes sense that it’s sort of the end of a stage.

I just don’t get why the Ace of Cups and the whole “theme” of relationships would somehow come up, since getting involved with someone is the last of my priorities right now. Maybe it’s about a choice, and a warning against making the wrong choice?

I also pulled three clarifiers for those (Ace / Devil / Lovers), and the Emperor / King of Swords / 6 of Pentacles popped up. So yeah, there are two men, but those are not precisely the most loving men, so maybe it’s not something romantic at all… though the 6 of Pentacles does tend to represent love triangles when I read for others. Maybe I’d have to ask two men of authority for help or assistance of some sort?

Actually if interpreted right that is going separate ways even if there was sympathy at the beginning, the 2 persons are very different and choose to continue looking

That makes sense!
Thing is, I’m not even looking. I only mentioned this guy in particular because there’s absolutely no one I’m interested in right now, at least not romantically. Yeah, we’ve been talking for a few months but I don’t really have plans to make it real.

Aces symbolize beginnings in general, so maybe he’d suggest making it real and then I’d bail? But the Death card should have popped up at the end if that was the case… and yet, The Lovers is about decisions, so maybe that’s my decision itself (bailing)?