The demons of Nippon

So question for everyone, has anyone else worked with demons as defined by Japanese folklore and culture? If so what were your experiences?

I am also curious on this matter, watching this thread.

The only thing that I know that may be ~somewhat~ relevant to your interests, is that Tao Sorcerers (usually Thailand, Cambodia) will collect the souls of stillborn, or deceased children, tie them to a vessel/altar and train them for whatever the sorcerer desires. Basically making a companion to suit their needs. In return, the sorcerer makes sure their spirits are provided for energetically.

To make a lighthearted joke, they take spirits and train them like pokemon. Though the practice itself is a serious one.

I am unsure on eastern demons themselves, and anything I have to say about them would just be speculation on my end at this point. Good luck on your hunt, please let us know how things go


Ive had great success working with the Kami but the darker entities ive come across were inherently predatory towards humans, although ive only encountered a few.

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You have really peaked my interest. Have you written any threads relating to your experience with the Kami? Intuition says youre more knowledgeable in eastern practice than I am, I’d like to know more :wink:

As far as things being predatory towards humans, i think that is the norm until you establish that you are not prey. Entities of Yin, have similarities across cultures. Respect of strength and will is almost universal. Your own strength must be established, and I doubt that can be done in a peaceful way to begin with.

Western exorcists always say that when you begin to fight the demons, you become known to them. My objective would be to fight these entities, and show them mercy just before the killing blow, establishing dominance, but also giving an option to make friends.

If you can make it to the killing blow :thinking:

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Oh yes, much MUCH easier said than done lol

When it comes to the Kami working with the major ones that make up the main pantheon is more or less the same as working with deities, i wpuld generally go to Amatarasu the sun goddess and head of the pantheon first before speaking with the others kinda like papa legba in Voudon. Where it gets really interesting is the minor Kami which literally there is a kami for everything in exsistance, the most notable example is when i was a plumber i was having trouble removing a toilet so I called to the Kami of toilets and asked for help. Moments later the removal went perfectly. And flushed an offering down the one at home as a thank you. They are really similar to the fae. As for the demons I wonder if binding them to a triangle would work.


Lol when I was a plumber’s apprentice my brother and I would light a cig for ‘the plumbing gods’. We were mainly just joking, but sometimes got really lucky :wink:

I think the triangle would be a good move, what specific types of entities or deities would be on the summoning agenda?

Shintoism belief, yes, there are a lot of Kami (God).

I’m not really sure at this point, but I think the darker side of the spectrum has a lot of untapped potential.

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Of that, I’m certain you’re correct. If you need anything feel free to PM me