The Demons of Bohemian Grove

Well Well Well…

It looks like our fearless ‘leaders’ were doing some ritual human sacrifice over at the grove. Scroll to 4:26 and take a gander at the sigals, anyone know who these demons are?

Eye Witness to Murder at Bohemian Grove Americas Satanic HellFire Club - Anthony J Hilder

Looks like Kanji. The 3rd one looks really familiar but I don’t know where I have seen it.

Yea I have no idea if what he is saying is true & accurate or not, I just wanted to know what was up with those sigals…that kinda gives it an aura of authenticity if someone can verify them.

Here’s the 2007 police report that verifies he did come forward about the missing kid though:

So who knows maybe he was ‘involved’ but had a change of heart…I really don’t know.

It is definitely either Japanese or a good fake. The first symbol (on top) is the same as the first symbol for the word Akido. However I do not recognize the other symbols. Perhaps someone who reads Japanese fluently can share more.

Those might not even be sigils, we don’t even really know what all on that paper he is holding is supposed to be about. We’d need to take a look at it.