The demonic Meta god Taratus ~ my story

me and my friend have been meditating or an open spirit ritual
and someone appeared a demon.taratus
he said that he is a demonic prince,he works closely with satan,beelzebub,and azazel mostly and all of them mentioned him time to time.he said that his planet but he doesnt care if u call him at a wrong hour or candle color
first encounter he came he presented him self with up info.he
manifested as a knight.his body shape was very muscly but yet very thin.he had yellow eyes and ram like horns but a lot bigger.
his first words to us
“i am taratus,i will make your dreams yet i will make your nightmares.i will make you fall,cry but then if you rise u would rewarded with all dreams of hell,power,and what ever you want”
but my friend viewed this demon as thread and he totally had no respect simple words he anger the demon in various ways
and then demon literally make him feel like his testicles are squished lol.yes.that guy was sweating…
he showed his power to him.
got respect
he gave to us some gifts like
increased telepathy.
he can make you clairyorant as fuck.

he telled that now the gifts are strong.
“everything strong and powerfull shall be found on the lost rivers of the soul and mind”
his promises literally occur in 30-15 minutes after u asked him…
i love him because of his very strict but aslo lovely and sweet personality.he literally gives no fucks to give.
he teaches magick,but aslo the art of war,
in my experience.u dont ask the demon.but the demon asks you…
he saved us from a lot of injuries and physical pain…
he is one of the demons that will follow around…
anyways here some characteristics


Planet:actually none but i actually feel some saturnian and lunatic vibes

element:again actaully none,but i do feel a watery and a bit fiery vibe



offerings:your time,oranges,semen,blood,peach,eggs,some exercise or walk to the park with him,fire


he is an amazing teacher of magick,all kinds voodoo,greek etc.whatever,he can spark your astral senses DRAMATICALLY,i did some heavy workings with him and beelzebub, back on late february,he loves to walk on you he loves to stay on parks,what i found is,this being is actually a metagod(many spirits on who make a other being)and a being of his own,he claimed that he is 14000 demonic legions,servitors,angels in one being named…taratus,he is amazing at prophecy,he can enpower you in everyway possible,he really likes to have fun and joking around,on some evocations i have seen him around my house,when i call him at the park near my house he always climbs at trees,he told us that he visited ancient egypt,greek,babylonian sorcerers and priests,5000 years ago,he told us that we are the only ones that summoned him after 5000 years,when you first find him or planning to summon him he can stay and follow you for days,when you request him to change something or bring something new he will work on it immediatly my friend got a new girlfriend and a new vape on 30 minutes after asking him,he can stay on the darkness of your mind and awnser your questions he likes to speak through the darkness and from the heart.he is also amazing at curses,he has interest at how you develop mentaly,spiritualy,emotioanaly,physically,and personally.aslo i got a really azazel vibe from him he might be an another aspect of his.have lots of respect to him


he doenst have one primary,but the most common was a red thin mussculine devil with big solid horns,a big knight,a black shadow,smoke

my workings:

me and my friend did a series of workings trough his demonic legions and many realms and kindgoms,we did full possesion with him… all my past and current workings match with the knowladge that i got from him…


Is that his sigil? Also do you have a enn for him? I would be interested in summoning him

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This sounds like an awesome demon. Good for you

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my friend channeld a enn for him
tasa remi avetan taratus


Ehh, OP, a word? If you replace the spiritual context of your meeting with physical personages, it sound like you just drank somebody’s Kool Aid. Cults, fronts, bad gurus, and so on all have ‘blueprints’ that allow them to do things in certain contexts; think of it like a ‘possibilities archive’. The reason there aren’t more cities of spell-slingers and shape-changers is because there are a lot more fraudulent masters, with physical forms or not, than actual masters!

I don’t know anything about this guy (he seems like a malific Aries), but more often than not, when a Spirit promises you generalized and market-saturated lines, it’s untrustworthy! Don’t get dicked by magic telemarketers. :slight_smile:

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im friend got the sigil and enn,so i dont know.
but i know that it works.

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Thank you for sharing this am actually new to magic but I will work with him


Be sure to be respectful and give offerings

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Sounds to made up to me. Taratus. Is too close to tartarus the Greek mythology of the pit. And since your sigil looks very similar to a stick man. I don’t buy this.

Don’t make that spirit mad at u.


I know the the similarities
I never known back then of the greek pit tartarus
The sigil and the first time that, that spirit was Channeled was by a friend but I do know from my own expirience that is a real entity as he has manifested and communicated with me and I do know that he is power

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Is he a goetic spirit ? The end sounds goetic .

no but he is a king and ruler of many legions kingdoms and domains in the abyss

What does that label mean? Meta god?

It gets thrown around a lot.

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Does he get along with the goetic demons?

Can I call him without a circle safely?

Does he take offence to altars made to light side beings like Tara, kuan yin etc…? I don’t want an astral
War in my home !

I’m considering contacting him as a booster for my channeling, nécromancing and abilities to hear and see spirits. I assume he can help
With these things based on what you’ve said so far.

Does he accept to work within boundaries (example “ensure you don’t kill hurt this person with this request etc…)?


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Many spirits composed into onr

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You gave three names so far, which one is the actual name of this suppose great demon

Both are. These are variations.

I red about him on a website I don’t remember now and I decided to work with him. I sung his name(Taratus) for almost three minutes no sign of him so I stop it that is why I am asking. So which of the name actually work for you or use most?

You sure? He tends to be in the shadows a lot not being very reactive and he Just watches you. In my experience Its a matter of days before he decides to actually communicate with you