The Demonic King Beelzebub - The Lord of the Black Pyramid - My BALG Contribution ⛧

As many of us know The Compedium of Beelzebub is coming out very shortly
There in my work i shared what i learned from this lord of darkness,With no stop explainations of what i learned from but aslo what you will learn from essay.


As beelzebub manifested in this form,as the sacred face of hell of one of the most ancient yet mysterious deep structures of outer darkness,That is the black pyramid.

How to use this power and knowladge,how to even create beings of outer darkness using truly intense and powerful techiques from the Gatekeeper himself.
There in the abyss,I Sacrifice my very own self there to become,and how you can do it too,how to take this working in the deepest and most powerful way,
I looked forward in this essay as a magician to put knowladge and power behind every word of my contribution with explainating numerous things.

I share some of the deepest and bottomless knowladge of beelzebub But aslo Amaymon and the lord of darkness himself The Emeperor — Satolas.

With the teaching of beelzebub when i was immersed with the high spiritual state of the lord of the black pyramid,the teaching of outer darkness.
You are Chaos…
and how this simple words yet a teaching so big can be implied to become the highest,The Supreme one.
In the tome i detail how to call the true face of beelzebub to see him with your eyes of blackness if you are a child of darkness.

These are just some things that the book will contain,Theres More to look forward to,
I am Contributing With Some of My Favourite authors and Black Magicians Like :
Conner Kendall , Ea Koetting ,Asenath Mason,Michael W ford and more