The Demon AZ

Hello I was recently reading about a lost demon named Az just Az and when I googled this demon only a few pages came up about her being from Iranian mythology I feel a weird draw to her if anyone could tell me more about this demon I would sincerely appreciate it

This Demon represents, Greed, Lust, Avarice, Gluttony, etc.
Just find Demons that represent these things and there should be a connection and maybe even the same entity under different Demonic names.
Such as Satan being called, Set, Mara, Iblis, Ravana, etc. Same entity, different names

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Thank you I very much appreciate this

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Some people connect Az with Lilith or even Kali but personally I feel she is very own herself and I don’t connect her with any of them, no matter of similar nature. There are billion of spirits who have similar associations and it doesn’t mean they’re all the one exact entity. (my perception)

Also, some people tend to distinguish Az from Yeh (Yahi), Yahi is a kind of term meaning “prostitute” in Avestan language and there’s nothing wrong with connecting them as Az-Jahi or Az-Jeh, they’re the same.

She is mainly known as the other half of Ahriman, The Queen of demons and the predatory aspect of the moon - While the Ahriman is the Black Sun, she is the Blood Moon and they harmonize in that way. She rules over spirits of death and decay, and is also a kind of vampiric entity who inspires the desire within. She is much connected to the devouring and consuming aspect, whether it is the lust/creation/desires or devouring own weaknesses and blockades. She has really potent energy that wakes up personal black flame within (like according to the myth of Az who woke up Ahriman by giving him the inspiration and the plan to deal with their enemy Ohrmazd) Then they had the unity and the symbol of it is her menstruation.

these are the basics I think.


Do you perhaps know of a way I could start working with her

I would suggest to read much info about her first, especially some books like Black Magick of Ahriman by Kurtis Joseph or Drauga by Michael Ford. You can work with the divs like with normal spirits tho, so invocation/evocation, using their sigils, names are normal thing.

The main thing to remember is that divs are spirits who are kinda intense and have their specific nature that doesn’t tolerate any restrictions, stagnation, also mixing them with kabbalistic spirits or using circles is a bad idea.


Thank you I will look into this I appreciate it

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