The darkness getting darker?

Last night, I was doing some magic, and the Darkness around me got even darker despite being in Pitch Black. I’ve managed to secure a ritual space that shuts out all exterior light, even in the brightest sunshine. The darkness that was around me was total, but it managed to get even darker than total darkness . The beings that I called forth where able to be perceived through the static of the Veil with my eyes wide open. Has anyone else ever had an experience like this?

I’m thinking I might have dropped into the abyss whenever I called those beings forth.


Sound like the abyss. I´ve had the similiar experience whenever I´ve called upon spirits of darkness into a crossroad.

I plan to recreate this, I want to see just how far down I can go. I like to push limits.

A m a y m o n was showing me the top layers of the Abyss, maybe it’s time I took a more active role.

As soon as I’ve fully settled back into sanity, and this upcoming ritual is complete, then I will most likely try to see just how far down I can go.

Nice plan, I have to say though that you should most likely try to call upon them through a crossroad or create portal for them. I assume you already know of their chaotic nature? anyways, workings with such spirits fits well with necromancy, done it myself.

Portals are a specialty for me. I work with Hel as well, so that covers Necromancy.

The being that resides in me can open pathways to Helheim. It should be able to modify that.

Nice, sounds awesome.


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Indeed, blood for the blood god