The darkest goddess... az-jahi

Are you trying to tell me what the fuck to do and dictate how the fuck I should act?


I talk with “newbies” all the time and I help them without any expectation of anything in return. So what I expect to NOT receive in return is this bullshit. I mean I don’t even know what some people are even saying anymore?
I sat here and answered your questions. I do not bitch about your excitement. WTF? LMAO!


Hey kurtis.

About this link. Do you think this is real? Do you see this as total B.S.? Or do you find this to be an actual ritual? Do you find that there is at least something in perspective that can be considered or taken from this? Can you tell me more on your thoughts?

If I did not believe it had any value why would I waste time writing books on the subject? You are going to have to clarify exactly what your question is? There are many “rituals” dealing with Az-Jahi and many practical reasons for vampyrism and those are gone over in the book as well as in the video.

If you have more specific questions maybe I can answer in a more specific way?

I mean… you guys do know I wrote this book right? You are aware this is my video? LMAO! I am confused.

I was referring to the vodu link. Killing the gods.


Oh yes it is possible. This work is a part of BMOA. BMOA will start a new era of occult work. I have lit the collective consciousness wih the Blackened Fire of Zohak himself and so I am not surprised people are jumping on the bandwagon. Welcome to the new age. Have you got a copy of Black Magick of Ahriman? Look at the section regarding Rites of Spiritual Warfare. The working mechanics are laid out, and the entire book is an alchemical path which empowers and prepares you for such operations.

I honestly love Ka… in the link above. My ego wants me to be pissed because people are doing what I started but why? At soul level this is what is needed. This is what will liberate people and crush the system from the inside out while exalting mankind. The purpose and benefits of this are woven throughout the entire text of Black Magick of Ahriman. I will elaborate for you in a moment. I need to go into this coffee shop and eat something because my blood sugar is dropping fast.


Ok cool.

I also made a post in the journal section about the path of smoke. Thanks for your reply.


The destruction of Gods has occurred through the ages through political movements which sought to overthrow regions to expand territory. The first action which was taken was to convert the religious structure because religion has always expressed the ideology of the ruling class.

In the case of this work we are doing this consciously in a spiritual way through the alchemical vehicle of ritual. Now of course we are not killing the Gods like you will kill a physical person. I mean if I “kill” Ahura Mazda some other magickian could still work with that force. What we are doing is extracting the external source of divine power from the psyche to awaken it from within. Devouring the light to bring it back into the cosmic womb or “void” through us as individual microcosmic representations of that void. As we do this individually it will begin to effect the collective consciousness and create a dynamic of synergy through the rest of the work in the book.

Now… by reading the book you come to find that these angelic divine forces are attributed to specific chakras. So… one may say that we are externalizing blockages in those chakras as angelic forces to devour them. Is this the case? It could be because the Ahrimanian impulse and all of its emanations are generally said to be forces which dwell within. Does it matter? Not really and I am actually myself one who thinks the truth is somewhere between black and white and is a bit hard to explain with words. All that matters is the result.


This is amazing Kurtis. I mean I have been thinking about this I think all my life. This is interesting. I was introduced to this concept of building this world without oppression and injustice through the idea of light workers and indigo souls. You are expressing the same thing more intensely and I really appreciate your depth of knowledge and experience as a magician and person.



I appreciate the kind words. As someone who publicaly shares there work my work has developed much more since Black Magick of Ahriman. I believe I get the insight and gnosis due to the nature of my personal cause.


You’ve answered a question I considered asking - does it matter what we call them? Is it a case of semantics? I think it would be better to see them as powerful god-like beings and show respect for that instead of calling them “demons” which does sound very Xtian.

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I am wondering how I can to the first ritual in the astral (the initiation one), my Higher Self says I can, but idk how. Also how do I make my astral projection experiences not blurry? I did get rid of my chakras before, but my Higher Self told me to get them back (not permanently though, only for 1 year) because I will need them. So how would I go about doing these? Thanks Kurtis and also I am pretty sure Ahriman wants to work with me (also Belial does as well and some other spirits)

just a question, what kind of superior uses superlatives like *the best"

is human kind really in this low state that you sell with these clickbaits this much ?

You have the read the book, just by reading it you are inviting the spirits in your life