The darkest goddess... az-jahi

Maybe she is just hungreh for the “D”. 3===D – O


Hm… maybe a trail?

It seems to me: that it matters how you loose your semen to her.
~Do you get drowned in lust? Or is it an mindfull offering, as a way to show her a certain devotion?

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XD “DICKS ARE MAGNIFICENT” !!! :sweat_smile:

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Abwahahahahahahaha! LMAO!

HAWT! :open_mouth:
~You amazing son of a bitch, i envy you so much XD

Lilith…she is so wounderful. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I offered it to her envocation as loyalty to her offering up my eternal spirit think she accepted because Iam a rightous barstard!

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~how do i do this reversed-posession-thing with her? :flushed:


I’ll pm u! Share what worked for me give you link to temple of ascending flame
Asenath Mason is amazing her knowledge is inspiring! What works for some may be different for others!
Darkest Blessings


Envocation is a part of my book. No one has even spoken of this except Franz Bardon… now everyone thinks they know what it is and how it operates. Abwahahahahahahahaha! MY SHIT. @Drachir its in my book. Its not even possible without prerequisite alchemical work.


This is how people get fucked up with occult work. Basic lack of respect for the working mechanics of spiritually scientific operations of alchemical transmutation.


I respect Lilith in her purest form I did evocation of Lilith as per guidelines of Asenath Mason there is a free download Pdf on her website temple ascending I asked Lilith if in my offering her my seed that she lifts and ascends my eternal through the eternal blue flame eye of the dragon now all I need do is speak with her she has infused herself with my sout the current is strong feeling her vibrations the power is undescribable absolutely amazing best astral dreams and sex with I’ve had in my life want more!

This was part my personal final evocation doing temple of ascending flame project personally Lilith is the portal to niteside so to make assumptions I am not respectfull is not respecting my personal journey you will not I do not waste energy being critical of others this would be non counter-productive to Asenath Masons envision or mine in spreading the teachings and knowledge of the old ones!

Kurtis I agree with you need to be careful that’s why I’ve chosen the Draconian current in it’s purest form can be done with out rituals very adaptable I respect you and look forward to reading your book
Darkest Blessings to all we are one

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Okay sure. Thing is that is not reverse possession. It is MOST important that people do not start to misconstrue what is contained within Black Magick of Ahriman as “normal”. It has nothing to do with monopolizing anything either. It has everything to do with protecting the practitioners.

Most possession deals with the demon merging itself with the sorcerer as you are describing. This is not ENVOCATION. The term ENVOCATION never existed before BMOA. Possession attained through invocation is one thing. Possessing the spiritual essence of the demon is a whole different animal.

To be possessed the demon uses the physical body of the adept as a vehicle of its power. To possess the demon on the other hand deals with using the essence of the demon as a vehicle for your will. Through the process of seeing the totality of the cosmos/reality through their eyes ones consciousness begins to expand in unimaginable ways. In this grimoire each Div is a thread of the legendary garb of darkness worn by Ahriman and to ENVOKE each Div through path-working one is stepping into Ahrimans Garb of Darkness thread by thread… little by little.


Even with proper preparation a bit of instability can set in as the human psyche is stretched beyond its normal limits. So the concern was that you were passing on MY method of ENVOCATION to someone who has yet to even open my book. LOL! That could be bad in two ways. One… the person tries and is unsuccessful so they throw in the towel and give up regarding occult practice. That is best case scenario. Two… they succeed without the necessary adjustments made through prerequisite alchemical work upon the Path of Smoke. Then the circuitry of the brain and the energetic system fries and you have a person left gazing at inanimate objects like an infant unable to speak until their moment of death.

I respect Asenath Mason. I worked under Asenath Mason within ToAF. Asenath Mason wrote the forword for my book. I can tell you right now Asenath Mason never used the term “envocation” within her open project OR closed projects with Lilith.


See that up there? ^^^^ First red flag. I am just using basic context clues here so bear with me.
Here is the second issue…

See my concern? Seems a bit Sketchy my friend. Don’t insult my intelligence. I may seem nice around these parts. I may seem like I help out a lot and I do. I also have a very short fuse when it comes to my intelligence being belittled. Just don’t do it. As for right now… meh, its water under the bridge. Just do not make a habit out of it my friend. The occult is not a game.


I should explain myself more clearly sorry I wrote it in a hurry had people knocking on front door
"I meant ritual of Lilith as reference to temple of ascending flame " quote me on that
And evocation I was meaning what I was doing myself. I would recommend people buy a copy and read your book yes it can be dangerous if not prepared and you know what I did with lilith hasn’t been written about by anyone I used ritual of Lilith then did evocation from how I tune into the current nothing more and at no point did I intend for you to take offence wish you well moving forward.

As Asenath written your forward she recommends you your a magician of considerable skill and knowledge from now on I will no longer share any experiences with the forum only other members of temple if I choose to proceed further on my path in group or as a sole practitioner I think you have influenced my direction and given me good points for reflection and further analysis perhaps I am type of seeker practicing on a solo basis on further reflection i will try communicate with lilith see the best path is for me?

With all due respect Kurtis I don’t know what reverse possession is another member said that not me? what I experienced is new to me I got a good result maybe it’s beginners luck just jagged it my intentions are to only share knowledge but now i think best not! I offer you no apologies if you have taken personally misinterpreted taken offence that wasn’t my intention I made a comment another member responded asked me a question I pm them and recommended they go read everything on Asenath Mason website as professional respect to her and the study of Lilith.

At no stage do I recall a reference by me to your teachings therefore I find it hard to know how you have a valid argument in me insulting your intelligence if anything other way round that didn’t bother me as I am confident taking offence is pointless and immature to that because I can’t be bothered I am only learning!and

I have done nothing wrong would do say post what I did and would do it again no one even your good self has the rights to tell me what I can or can not do as I have no right to do that to you!

we may disagree with opinions or views but i think u overstepped made it a personal attack check next post with quote of yours for reflection hey who cares “water under the bridge” hey?

I respectfully read your arguments points of view and found them informative I’ve watched your video on utube that’s good as well i am only learning

This is one my last posts on this forum best I learn and not speak, best place all my energy into my own path I offer nothing apart from intentions helping one another in the current for this I offer absolutely no apology stand by everything I said as it was directed to another member not you Kurtis! .
Darkest Blessings

When you wrote this I was only trying to explain where I am coming from just defending my own intellect or statements directed towards another member I forgot the blog was your subject no offence intended

:open_mouth: :flushed: my spirit is like mouth watering.…-i can’t wait to get this book delivered.

~And sorry, i was in some way inrespectfull to your work, -without even knowing it.

I’m just really excited.

Its to me like occult christmas :gift:

Random comment: I chuckled majorly at this guy panning lovingly across his bookcase, all those (mostly academic) books, as though that means anything - I’ve actually read many of those books, maybe I should preface everything I do with slow careful sweeps over muh tomes ov wizdom… :rolling_eyes:

Drachir - spelling, correspondences - My Name Is Eva - yet, despite containing the letters E and A, and having VERY similar interests, I am NOT E.A. Koetting, for which I’m sure his girlfriend, and my old man, are very grateful. :wink:

And, I have dark hair, tattooes, and wear makeup; I also like a solid san serif font, and minimalist design, and am solidly in LOVE with Discourse software - yet I am NOT Timothy Donaghue, so, for this being just those 2 guys and me having some chuckles, isn’t it crappy how we stereotype our GODS (who we should walk alongside, not worship) and try to collapse them into something smaller, something LESS?!

I’m actually not even going to joke here, about this (“In the year 2070, Koetting & Donaghue fused their DNA to send back a Daughter”) because that really IS just undermining the preciousness of our lived experience, just as movies take our emotions and sell back to us garrulous and deformed versions, to stop us ever taking our own experiences seriously again…

(Okay, what I wrote in brackets above, 2070, is actually funny. But these people, and me, and YOU are REAL - so, own it. Stop spectatoring your existence - accept that anything ground-breaking and worthwhile, is innately “uncool” ever since (((Henry Winkler))) et al set up “cool” as, not caring, about yourself, per Sid Vicious, about life, whatever.

CARING and doing the work, not being a “oh, I just did this then the whole world changed” is how theogenesis happens, how LIFE happens, how you live to make and be and do, something, and anything. If you just want to be cool, die pretty and young, and never care, ever, about anything. Here endeth this essay! :stuck_out_tongue: )


I do find it rather unfortunate that when people are confronted with their own folly they just want to give up on the forum. I said it was all water under the bridge. I am not stupid or retarded though. I maintain a strong balance between kindness and truth. I see people on FB talking about “reverse possession” now as if it has been a normal part of occult operations since Crowley. You hear about these fuckers running around banging every demoness in the abyss right alongside Abaddon after “reverse possessing” him. I shut them them the fuck up. Ask them what the fuck it is… ask them their methods and they are stopped dead in their tracks.

To be excited about aspirations of glory is one thing. To treat spiritually scientific aspirations as another outlet for RPG which enables you to fulfill your fantasies is not JUST childish but dangerous. Whats worse it aint even dangerous for the one blowing the smoke up the arss of everyone. No it is dangerous for those who may try and succeed in such an operation on accident. That’s how it happened for me! OOOoooops! Now I sometimes STILL do not know whether I am sleeping or dreaming. I space out sitting on the park bench for a weekend at times thinking an hour has passed.

I wrote the book so I give people something that was simply not out there. To explore these forces in a way they have never been explored. I wrote it so people could definitely avoid my mistakes and have a smoother experience. So just respect the work. That’s all I ask.

The spiritual warfare aspect… guess what? People are trying to kill Voodoo Gods now.

The entire occult is going to move into another direction because of this work. NOW the issue is EVERYONE is going to jump on it like a fad instead of putting in the fuckin flight time. No responsibility or logic anymore.


If you have not the nerves to talk with newbies -because of their excitement: stop it.