The Dark Descended Master Of Death - Anuas

What Are Descended Masters ?.

We’ve all heard of the ascended masters, they exist on the many planes of existence, mostly in the astral and some in other planes too. Some of them are disincarnate masters that once lived in our world and passed on to ascend to the rank of a ascended master. Some of them are still alive and soul travel there acting as a guide and teacher to many travellers, some of them are just avatars of the astral light path.

They hold council and teach many things on the nature of meditation, soul travel, ascension, wisdom, guidance and so forth. These are the brotherhood of the white cloth and can assist even the black magician in his development but they can only take you so far and will only reach specific things.

The descended masters however are acasual brethren that exist within the zero dimension, outer darkness and the acasual plane. They are a council of the dark arts, these masters have ascended to the highest of light and glory, shining like their own individual sun of eternity, they then bring that back down. From the highest heavens, the highest point of eternity, down to the lowest abysmal depths of darkness, as they do this they blacken that once divine light within them.

They then become avatars for the many dark arts that the ascended masters would never teach, necromancy, infernal magick, sex magick and so on. One of these masters and the very first to make himself known to me, was the master Anuas.
He was the one that taught me the greatest route, path and methods that one can use to become the greatest necromancer.

Anuas - The Master Of Death & Necromancy.

The dark master Anuas, is known as the hooded one, the master of death, he who holds the key to the eternal river of death known as the underlining current, the hooded one, keeper of the profane skull. He is a master that knows all the arts of necromancy from Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia and so on. Ritualised necromancy, devotional necromancy, funeral rites, even Necromantic Yoga and so on.

It was this master that taught me how to infiltrate every form of necromancy and in doing so allows the necromancer to infiltrate every magickal paradigm and system, every religion and path without the initiation or blessings of priests, shamans and so forth. Allowing the necromancer to be a free agent entirely, revealing the true alchemical methods to merge the powers of death entirely into the living body, literally making you a living death god, death incarnate in a living body.
Whilst maintaining perfect health, life force and vitality at the same time.

I have worked with this master for many years and I took a oath never to reveal his teachings until I had learnt and used/mastered his teachings, then and only then I can reveal his teachings.
I am now scribing my new tome, a Necromantic Grimoire, in this tome Anuas is a important aspect of this book. Including working with Az Jahi, Druj Nasu, Astwihad, Azrael, Santa Muerte, Abaddon, Azazel, Beelzebub, Nergal, Ereshkigal, The Jinns Of The Vetala & Ghoul tribes. Including a whole lot more that I have learnt over the years, things that have never been revealed in this world.

I would like to thank Anuas for this incredible long journey through the black abysmal underlying current and allowing me to now pass on these teachings to the rest of the world.




Sounds interesting. I look forward to the release. Will there be ways to perform necromancy without many ingredients/tools? Some stuff like human bones are illegal to own where i live.

Awesome brother @C.Kendall.

When do you plan /provision this grimoire to go out??

Great stuff…!!!

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How would one go about contacting Anuas? Would it be like any other entity(i.e sigil, incense, etc.) or is there some special way?

There’s a specific way my Necromantic Grimoire will be debuting soon, in that tome you’ll learn how to contact this master. Not just him but many other Necromantic entities, demons, jinns, angels, spirits, divs, gods and goddesses, all associated with the current of death.


Hitler and gengis khan may be descended masters ?

I can’t wait. I’m getting jitty just thinking about reading this grimoire. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll definitely make sure to get me a copy.

Awesome. I’m looking forward to your grimoire.

2 qestions, if work whit tat book do i became older, like take 3 years of looking young, and make me look older,? As a payment. And , willi nclude ghouls,? Thanks.