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So this course as been out for a while now. What has been everybody’s expireance so far? What have you learned? What spells have you cast using the Lwa and seen the results? Any and all comments are encouraged.

Wow nobody has given this a try???

Sadly no, I’m still a beginner, only been practicing magick for 3 months or so.

Mostly love spells with Erzulie and Oshun, and they worked perfectly.


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Same here

If possible, what did you do? And How?

I followed the book on how to draw the veves and called Erzulie offering her nice things in exchange for what I wanted and I got it.

Made a talisman tweaked with a mercurian entity and Ogun to enhance my understanding of Welding and molten metals and metallurgy. Also here asking Ogun to charge his veve and the purpose of it in exchange of giving him things he likes :blush:


I first familiarized myself with her energies in meditation and in ritual, her verve works quite well for this. I put forth my request to her and gave a little offering to symbolize her beauty.

After that I did the actual love spell which involved a lock of the person’s hair, and I called on Oshun to aid me and amplify the energies of the spell.

A week later, specifically Friday of that week, I got asked out on a date by this person and it went quite well.


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Cool. Are love spells something you do often?

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Yeah, for some reason I’m very good at it, for a while it was the only thing I did. I tried different methods and I’m really good at working with spirits of love and lust (Kadesh, Aphrodite, Hathor, Anat, Freya and the sirens)

As well as beauty spells, spells for healthy skin, spells for hair growth, to boost confidence and self love. I’m good at things like that, I started with stuff like that and it holds a special place for me.

It’s a wonderful thing to fall back on when I’m in need of it.


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Any info on what this topic actually refers to ? is it a book an ebook or an EA course ?


ahh ok I thought it was referring to some specific not just in general doh !

Since you are very well experienced with love and lust work…can you guide me please,which spirit i should work with for making someone fall in love with me? Propose me ? I am not after Lust,rather Love.

Hey so far. I have worked with erzulie, law dahn. Got given a necklace to protection and now I’m onto more important spirits.