The Creation Of Satan: The Devils Seed


And Satan said, let us make man in our own Image, after Our likeness, so that they may take unto us Gods and become more than Gods. Let us Create Devils. And they shall lead the World into Oblivion. They shall be the tools and Weapons of The Gods.

----Oblivion 1:1

And Satan formed them, not from the Dust of the Earth, but from his own seed. As virile as his seed was, so should they be. For all the power of a God is contained in his seed. These be the words of the Devil.

-----Oblivion 1:2

And they went out as Flames and Swords upon the Earth, Immortal. Teaching men War, fishing, and The attainment of Power. Such Men were called Devils. For they did not mate with Human women as the filth called the Nephilim did and still do. They held their seed and yet reproduced. This is a great mystery. By the humans they were slighted and called Demons. By their kin, they were known as…

—Oblivion 1:5

The Inverted Pentagram

This symbol is representative of 5 hidden regions of the Abyss entered through 5 different doors. Each door going to a different region, holding forbidden knowledge.

What is pulled through these regions however is and leaves much to mystery.

Fire and Steel dwell in these realms. Darkness which no man has seen or heard or comprehended.

Such is what lies in store for you.
Let us begin.

The Ritual

You will not need any tools at all for this. You will structure a Large inverted pentagram glowing red hot on the ground and it shall be large enough so that you may stand in the center of it while the darkness and cold spins about you.

Once this has become a reality, structure 5 doors, one at each point, around the pentagram.

The color of the Doors are Red, yellow, green, orange, and Violet

They shall stand and be erect like stone walls that reach to the sky.
Proceed to open them all and say:

I call forth the hidden regions of the abyss to open and send forth the original spirits of Darkness. Those who came from Satans seed, lay your hands upon me and breathe your flames upon me. Make me more of a God then the Gods themselves! Male me more of a Devil then the Devils themselves!

Feel the Tides of fire Surround you and rise up from the Floor. Call unto me, Satan, and Say:

Let the Devil Arise and all weakness turned into Godhood. Enter my Heart, enter my Soul, enter my mind, enter my flesh, and posses me. Destroy all that is weak and dying.

See the Center of the Pentagram open up like a Trap door and fall through the Blackness. Before you fall, you will see me and feel me enter you.

As you fall through the Blackness, you will see the form of the 7 Headed Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns. Such things are not to be glimpsed by man. Do not stop at this point.

Continue to fall and you shall see two giant Lion Statues and in the center, shall be the Beast out of the Earth, The False Prophet, and the Antichrist.

Look upon them and hold your gaze with Theirs.
Note what you feel and continue.

You will say,
No one can judge me. Not even God. I am The giver and Taker of Lawlessness. With my Sword I open the Acasual gateways at the edge of the universe, decimating all order and justice.
Both the Light and Darkness alike belong to one such as I, and only me, unless I decide to deliver it through the edge of my Sword. I am the Antichrist. I am The Lord of All Darkness and I rise upon the Earth in this body. I am Satan and I am made in my Fathers Image and his works I shall do. Let the spirits of the Miracle Working Demons leap from mouth and enter this world.

Now open your mouth. You shall feel as if you are choking with a frog in your throat. Keep going. The spirits will leap out and move at your command.

Rise and return to your body. Meditate on these changes.


The Temple of God has laid its eyes upon the Abomination of Desolation. It is in ruins only to be rebuilt as the Temple of Satan. The Vessel is ready, the power awaits

----Oblivion 16:16





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