The Crazy Christian Covid "Fighter"

So the person I want to talk about is a man named Kenneth Copeland. He is a christian televangelist who has gotten popular because of his yelling sermons. You can find videos of him on youtube. I want to talk about him, because I wonder, does he have any actual power? Is he actually doing anything when he says he is? Unless if he has learnt energy manipulation, I would assume he isn’t. Yelling to a god to do things wouldn’t really do much, right? Is he a guy with holy power, a crazy christian, or just a scammer? Share your thoughts.

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He just see me like a corrupt religious leader to me. I really have ignored him ever since he tried to “blow” covid away.

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I blow… the wind of god… at you!! Lmao I can’t not laugh when thinking about it.


Is that the guy? Spitting into the air is just stupid! He’s an idiot.

I think this was the guy who asked his followers to give him money for a private jet because God told him he shouldn’t be flying in a tube with demons (commercial airlines).

Sometimes I think God is the patron of narcissists.


Well, he kinda is a narcissist


hes probably full of sh*t…as most Christians televangelists are

That seems perfectly reasonable to me, we have many people on here who are partially possessed or permanently linked to their spirit lovers, or think they’re the avatar of a demon, or its child, etc.

I mean, he’s not wrong, is he? :thinking:


Is traveling in a tube with demons a bad thing then? :grinning: Because it seems most people here are helpful and respectful, in my brief time here.

He just didn’t want to fly with the hoi polloi and would rather travel in his own private Gulfstream. Air travel has become gradually unpleasant these days, but it’s kind of manipulative to tell your flock that God wants you to pay for it.

I know there is some dynamic between him and his fellowship at play, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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I just ignore cult leaders these days, nothing to see there, just some mindless cult.

I would suppose not, although i am interested in how the interview process goes when it comes to hiring the pilot for his private jet to prevent demons from taking the wheel so to speak.

You would think skipping the plane entirely and just driving yourself would be ideal


He is a licensed pilot. He flies that Citation X himself all over the world.

I’ll say this about Copeland. A good deal of what he teaches is what we would call magick here. I know his teaching well. i even met him once. Nice enough guy. I wouldn’t describe him as a narcissist. And I doubt anyone would criticize Koetting for having a private jet. As to his efforts to fight Covid, it’s no crazier than some of the stuff we do here


Everyone has some power. Maybe Copeland knows what he’s doing, maybe he doesn’t, but I am sure some of what he does works.

And as someone who spent the evening blowing my intention onto the sigil of a demon, I can’t criticise him for trying to blow COVID away, lest I make a hypocrite of myself.


That is a very valid point.

And I did not know that one.

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He’s a mega church scammer; like a lot of prosperity preachers he takes advantage of his congregation by making tithing something mandatory. He gets rich by selling people “God”.

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Shit! This brings back memories from the second half of the 1970s when this disturbed prick and his wife Gloria were broadcast on Sunday mornings. He was a sleight of hand theological fuckwit back then too. A real serious case. It was Sunday morning television for 'tards. I was in High School and another sicko student and I used to compare notes on Monday mornings.

More than twenty years ago Benny Hinn took things to a whole new and utterly shamefaced level and the guy is still at it! Same as Jim Bakker.

Satan’s Televangelist
“Now you send me as much of your money as you can - so much that it hurts - or I’ll curse you. Not only that, I’ll curse your family. So you make that all important call with your plastic card details. Got it? Or are you prepared to take the risk? Call now!”


I don’t know this guy, but I wonder if he’s fun to watch

The difference between a Satanic priest and a Christian priest… The Satanic one is at peace with ripping off the congregation. The Christian, not so much.

Tbh, sometimes I feel that everybody in the world is at least somewhat possessed. :joy:

This is why I think that there are many people who are partially possessed (to at least a small degree).

The truth isn’t always what it “seems”.

Anyone who follows the bible with a shred of decency wouldn’t fly in a private jet; I’ve heard Joel Osteen lives similarly (I don’t care enough to look it up). Ofc, the religious kooks can always play the reverse card, i.e., I’m not allowed to judge them, because only God can judge.

I’m not trying to troll, but it sounded like you wanted to be in a cult the other day.

This is true. One has to ask himself if he is truly trying to follow “God’s” word or practice magick with it.

Also true.