The coyote speaks in forgotten tongues

Since ive been going further on a waking life in magick, animals or dreams as though im an animal are becoming more frequent. When i do an invocation to Lucifer the Morning Star, he appears to my eye ad a coyote, and even his sigil as such as it forms a chakral map, and then the coyotes eyes and head appears. He whispers in tongues that I’m doing research into, particularly from tribes of the north eastern US and Canada. Angels, demons, gods alike have been more animalistic, they’ve been appearing in dreams, meditation, and in waking life. Theres a shadowy coyote that circles my apartment, he watches from the bushes almost like observing and protecting, but doesn’t want to be fully seen. The other day while driving one darted in front of me at speeds almost beyond reality and then oddly enough birds have come by to chirp or caw at me, while raccoons just sit and stare, making purring noises and looking at me like they’re waiting for a response. Just curious really whether this makes sense to some of you.