The Cow Surah and Asking the Wrong Questions

So, to start this off I’m going to tell you a story either from the Qur’an or from the Hadiths, because we all know everyone here absolutely loves Islam with all their hearts, right? :smiley:

Two men came before the Prophet Muhammad with a dead body. They don’t know who killed him. But they asked the Prophet how they could find out. The Prophet said that they must bash the cadavre on the head with the intestines of a cow(totally logical thing to do).

THe Prophet said it could be any cow.

The two said:’‘A fat cow or a thin cow?’

He said a fat one.

The two said:’‘Brown or white?’’

And the Prophet said brown.

‘‘Anything else?’’ they asked

And he said she had to have jewels in the place of teeth.

It took them a long time to find that special fat brown magic cow with jewels for teeth and they found it, brought it before the prophet, slaughtered it, removed its intestines, bashed the guy on the head. He came to life, spoke a name, and then died.

The two asked him, why it had to be such a special cow and the gist of his response was that it didn’t. They just insisted so much on adding conditions, hoops to jump through, complications to struggle with, etc. that they made it needlessly complicated. Could’ve been any cow, they just insisted on making it too complicated.

Besides the wonderful coincidence that I’m talking about cows right as we are working on a cow-related project, in terms of stopping mega-dairies,this surah(or hadith can’t remember) does provide a very interesting occult lesson.

That some conditions we all understand are set in stone(it had to be a cow, couldn’t have been a sheep) but that those conditions were few and most of them we set for ourselves. They can be useful, but they are ultimately, mostly, pointless.

So for the novice magician, before asking something, ask yourself, is the answer going to set an unnecessary condition, or do you think you NEED an answer for your process to work?