The cool Piano Thread

Would you like to listening some deep melody? :wine_glass::dagger: The voice of Piano…

About Fear, for example?

Or pick up a piece of Sociopathy:

Not your mood? Hmpf… these Outsiders are horrible there:

All right then, I wonder… what do you think about… me, Honey?


Aw yes-yes, I knew it! :roll_eyes: Just pick up a feeling then… became it.

. . . Let the (Dark) Piano touch your heart. :black_heart::musical_score:
Share with us your favorite Piano masterpieces.


I do like a piano song but its not instrumental…betty something by Sir Elton John

Lucifer/ The Unforgiven - Metallica


Old shit but good shit

And this, not exactly piano, but cool & creepy.


Do you have more of these ?

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It was an answer to Iam_Incide, or you ask it from me, Honey?

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You were the chosen one :+1:

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Not piano at all,but pretty good.

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Of course! :hugs:

Check these out:

Anyway, good timing @Sovereign, I started felt myself uncomfortable in the silence.

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They are pretty good to meditate on for me.Thanks :+1:

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Agree. :ok_hand:t2:

A bonus one:

Enjoy it as well. :musical_keyboard::skull_and_crossbones:

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