The Cool Music Thread


8-string Black Metal, nothing more Satanic than that!






I love you X and will forever miss you


This is my last link hope yall enjoy what i shared.



this is really different but i like it


one more :slight_smile:


Turns me on every fucking time!!!




5 minutes that feel like something much longer


Keep it comin! Never heard this! Very nice



Here’s a great album. It’s The Argument by Grant Hart. It is based on John Milton’s work Paradise Lost.


100% not going to lie, this is my own work so delete this if it isn’t allowed (mind you Im not selling anything, it can probably even be downloaded for free). While it’s unfinished and needs some retracking/better solos, and a good mixing, I am so ridiculously proud of how it’s turning out and have personally had it on repeat for three days now.


A new song I’m working on. It’s in the early stages but I wanted to share it because I made in my new magickal vocal booth on a powerful night…


Work In progress:

Don’t you hear me
Now I’m singing
In an interdimensional portal
I’ve created, and
Don’t you hear me
Worshipping the gods
In the temple
Of flesh and blood
I’m living in.

Messages transmitted
Telepathically received
The language comes
With living visions
They’re eternal
Yet fleeting
The nearby shadows and reflections
Morph to form these entities
Reborn they crawl out from the walls
Through corridors in tapestries

Spells are spoken, sigils drawn
Altars to reality
The sacred glyphs upon the walls
Are powered by our memory
The temple space we interface
Unlocking portals with the keys
The cup of life we more than taste
We turn the bottom up with ease

Listen to Passion Portals test by Bloozy Doom #np on #SoundCloud