The Cool Music Thread


That was such an awesome show. I miss going to concerts.


Something to lift your spirit UP :point_up_2:



The Elder Scrolls:Oblivion, but it’s 2018


Ok, now im all in for the suggestion of a potential partner in magic:
let us frequently paint the temple with fresh blood,
and use the rest of it for homemade crayons, to draw our glyphs and circles upon the sandstone plates






COIL, Godspeed You Black Emperor, and The Bambi Molesters

(the link was below the video, so i added it…since i want you to drown in that shit!)


Hail Furfur!


That’s quite a name. The Bambi Molesters


Ikr lol, and it’s the most innocent music too. Listen to their song Pearl Diving.


The thread is filled with goth,punk,rock,metal and I gotta fuck everything up with my choice :grin:

P.S. in case if you do fall in love with me then it is true that every princess needs her monster :blush:
P.P.S. And if you’re able to listen the entire song then you’re getting closer to my :heartpulse:


I am so sorry for this. This song was stuck in my head the entire day. I am incredibly sorry. Guilty pleasure.



About Abrahamic pedophilia…Shivers.





Wonderful mix of folk, ambient, jazz and noise elements with ritualistic vibe. Especially recommended for fans of Wagner Ödegård’s Semilanceata: