The Complete Works by EA

So I am interested in getting this book or books after reading into evoking eternity a bit but it’s not cheap so I looked at the amazon paperback edition and I found this review

I am interested in this book. My only question is: If you buy each individual book in this “series,” the pages add up to 1600+. But this book only has a little over 600? Can someone please explain this?

That’s something I’m interested in learning too. Is there more information in each individual grimoire then there is in the complete edition or is there more information included from the editions that you can buy from the BALG store? This could be some kind of printing error in this persons particular copy as well Idk.

I have the paperback edition of the complete works. The text is pretty small and it’s edited into two columns per page. It’s not hard to read but easy to imagine they did this so that you don’t have a single 1600 page book. I do have a couple of the old hardback copies from ixaxaar and they are the same book that is in the paperback complete works, no difference, just the way it’s edited to fit into one book.


I have an original hardback edition of the Complete Works (which is 885 pages) along with individual copies of all his early work except Kingdoms of Flame, and I have not seen any difference in the material between them.

I think the page count is mostly just down to the printing size and layout.


The Complete Works is less focused on style. So there’s probably lots of tiny text where in the individual books, the pages and covers are more stylized and formatted for aesthetic as well as content.