The complete love magick

So i’ve finished reading book 1, and am going through the video tutorials, which has been yielding some interesting results tbh. just curious about the rest of you, curious if anyone else is going through them too, and would like to share their thoughts, observations etc :smiley:
So i suppose general thread about the book and series in general :smiley:

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where i am, i’ve realized that i dont think anyone would be interested in me, and i have no idea how to express my interest in them without being like creepy, also, i have no idea how to meet chicks that might be interested in me as well, since i have no real social life outside of the job i just got, and online stuff, just discord tho i dont really use any other social media

so ive focused instead on someone random, just to see if it can be possible to manipulate things that way so that we have a more personal meeting of sorts so i can learn more about them, and see if they would be an interesting person to get to know

honestly it also helped me realize too, that i shouldnt keep trying to get that one person i was obsessing over, Alice, since i would like to become someone less creepy at least

ive gotta let that obsession go… and maybe when i open my eyes ill see someone ive been waiting for without knowing their name or face all these years

I’ve not heard of this book before, who wrote it?

You might find this post helpful –

Also, if you want me to turn this into a journal for you so you can keep writing about your ongoing experiences, just let me or one of the other Regular or Leader members know and we can move it into the journal category for you :smiley: :sparkles:

its by EA Koetting and Rose Crowley, and Maggie Moon :smiley:

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I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t read many of Koetting’s books :sweat_smile: what sort of interesting results have you seen so far?

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well… mainly ive been working on myself tbh through it, becoming more loving overall
i love the examples he’s giving and the other things too :smiley: there’s real power there thats changing things, helping me to see the difference between obsession and attraction

plus ive met a few cute chicks for the first time in a while too XD
tbh i shoulda asked if i could put my number in her phone when she was having me show her how to do the refund thing through the app…
u know… just to make sure they get their refund and all…

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I haven’t worked with this exact book, but I’m generally aware of the contents and have done (and am doing) similar magick.

Before you start thinking about finding a girlfriend, I’d focus on getting your social life in order. You don’t want to put the entire weight of your emotional social needs on one person. People in friendly relationships support each other emotionally, that’s just what humans do, but you don’t want to rely completely on one person, even if you choose monogamy.

I generally avoid discord and other online forms of socializing. I don’t want to become one of the “discord people.” I enjoy occult writing and this is good for me in a large variety of ways, but I’m not really socializing here. I imagine I would get along well with many people here, but again me writing this right now in response to you isn’t the same as face-to-face, direct human contact. I suppose it’s not the worse thing ever, but do you want your best friends to be profile pictures?

I suggest looking around for meetups around some activities you enjoy. An easy example would be something like martial arts class. Everyone there all shares the same interest, and there is always something for everyone to do together. In the martial arts culture I am familiar with, it is also very common for practitioners to drink or eat together after practice (not every time but pretty much every week). If you show up regularly and are easy to be around, relationships will naturally form in their own time, especially with a little friendship magick. You hear a lot about love magick to find a sexual partner, but there is also the love between friends.

Here also I suggest cultivating some variety. I have to kind of go out of my way to do this now with my current life, but back when I was in college these things happened almost automatically because of my interests. There’s always a way.

As for the topic at hand, you’re going to want to find a balance between pursuing what you want and becoming overzealous and pushing too hard. If you meet someone, it is usually very apparent if there is sexual chemistry between you two. You do have to go for it when the time is right, and the less you freak yourself out about that the easier everything is. If there really is good potential, you won’t have to force things. If it feels like things are being forced, then there is either conflict needing resolution or your energies just don’t go together in that way.

I think this is a very useful thought exercise. Notice your experience whenever you have a brief, sexually-charged interaction with a stranger. Last week at the grocery store, my eye was caught when I passed by an aisle. I continued on, but then saw her again, and I felt a definite pull. I didn’t stare like an unsmooth buffoon, but I gave her attention and felt her enjoying that. I walked to this corner and crossed her path. When I walked back towards the registers, she was facing away from me in the path, one leg stretching as she moved her hand up and over and onto her waist. She came towards me as I went to check-out and it was like a solid wave of energy passed between us. Clearly her friend was either a very good and patient wingwoman or amusingly unaware.

When this sort of thing happens to you, what is your experience? Do you cling to her and try to get a number out of her? Do you become irritated about being “led on” or not experiencing more or a release? Or do you just enjoy the experience for what it is? If we were at a party, that would be a very different story. In that context, I would definitely have seen about talking to her. But we weren’t at a party, we were buying groceries. I certainly appreciated my otherwise quite bland errand being spiced up, but I’m not exactly expecting to meet my wife at a grocery store, you know?

It can also be quite useful to have friends of the same gender as people you are interested in sexually. For most of my life, I’ve actually usually had more female friends than male friends (although I like both). Is that something you think you can handle? You don’t have to turn off your sexuality, but can you have a platonic, no sex just friends relationship with a girl you think is pretty sexy? Or will you come to resent her?

This may all seem somewhat beside the point. You just want to get laid and have a cuddle-buddy who makes you feel warm and fuzzy, I get it. But I will tell you now that I have seen quite the variety of dysfunction when it comes to sexuality. Whatever your goals with love/sex magick may be, it is very possible that you will be taken through experiences like this if you continue to summon these energies. Rarely does magick only do exactly what you request, especially if you make a deeper commitment to a pathworking.

You should realize that that’s what this is - a pathworking. Maybe all you’ll have to do is a one-off love spell and then you’ll meet your girl and then you’re done, but I find that unlikely. I’m gonna guess that you’ll meet your girl, but just be aware that rarely is magick bland or uninteresting.


yep i do need to get out more, i dont really have a social life outside of my job and online tbh, havn’t for years really… im just like not really sure how to meet people irl
sure i had friends who were in martial arts back in the day when i did it, but the dojo’s closed in the years i was away
I was never really the kind of person to get people’s contact information either, since i just assumed i’d see them next time we showed up at the same places as usual
ofc there’s probably people doing hobbies and stuff around this city but im not really sure where, or how to join them… plus it will probably take money and im so broke i dont even have a car, hopefully that’ll change after this money magick ive been working starts working
I know i need to change myself some to get where i want to be as well, not really sure how to go about that yet but ill work on it and see what happens

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