The Commonplace Magic Book

Crystals I own and use and their information:




Interesting little chart I found on pinterest. I tried reverse image searching it and did locate the website it originated on, but I get spammed like crazy to install things and can’t get to the actual website. :woman_shrugging:


This is my go to Carromancy chart. Most of the symbols you find in wax tend to be subjective imop, other than how the candle burns- things like the trail of tears, wax flowing like waterfalls etc I find to be good, but things like shapes and what not, I really think are up to the individual to decipher.


Some balg quotes I’ve been hanging onto, all three originated here on Balg

I thought this one came from - Sharing spells from my personal book of shadows! But I can’t find it, so if someone remembers who shared it, please let me know! I wikid this one so I can fix it later lol


I use this seal of Solomon quite a bit when I have trouble evoking the spirit of a person/their higher self/their ancestors/ my higher self etc.



I keep a copy of the first image on both my phone and in my dropbox.


I drew this symbol in the top corners of my windows, and above my doorway when I moved into my apartment:


A simple binding spell:



And this one wraps it up for today. I’ve got something like 300 pages saved in my journal so this is just the tip of the iceberg


Ublock origin will help you (firefox)


Seals of Solomon

Have you drawn this on virgin parchment

Or just took a print out (like me)

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I had it printed from my computer at one time, but when I moved home at the end of May, my magical supply trunk got left with the boyfriend, so I just use it on my phone or computer screen without printing it now, depending on how I feel in the moment.

I don’t usually pay attention to planetary hours, but coincidentally several times I’ve wanted to use this seal, the time I planned for the ritual was the right timing for that when I looked it up out of curiousity.

I.g. the last time I said ok I am going to do this around 9 pm. Told myself that all day, because I had my kids that day, then some other things, then half an hour before planned ritual, I said hmm. Wonder if the hours for this fall into a time frame I could do this ritual. That particular day the planetary hours for Venus started at 8:52 and ran through the middle of the 9pm hours.

Figure my internal witch, must be more in tune than I am. :woman_shrugging:


Something I was interested in (Why I generally see them laid out the same in images) but never thought to google up or took the time to contemplate for long.


Something I’m saving for later research.


A list of demons under Azazel that I either have worked with, or plan to work with. I don’t wish to copy bulks of text here, because what I found on each came from other sources, so I’ll just share the most comprehensive list of them and their powers at the bottom. I haven’t summoned all of these to know if there are any inaccurates, I just have a page for each in my research journal, whether I’ve confirmed the information yet or not.

  • Akh Latesh
  • Askator
  • Ant Haratu
  • Al Fadan
  • Berthan
  • Crosius
  • Dra’ Talan
  • Eriesh tai tol
  • Esh Teleshtu
  • Etliosh
  • Fortash
  • Frog Latash
  • Glasyos
  • Grah at’ talian
  • Harathor
  • Kil tan
  • Krehl a Teral
  • Kru vest
  • Lei ticol
  • Mak talan
  • Mami a Am
  • Maymion
  • Pentosh
  • Salasash
  • Seatlar
  • Sun tall akh

I was looking up information for a new gemstone bracelet I received recently, and realized I have several Cat’s Eye gemstones, and never recorded their information. Nice, now I’ve got one more missing piece in my book.

I also have worn a 1.1 carat diamond and it has surrounding smaller stones, since 2013. I have considered using it for something magical, but never bothered to look up what it’s actual properties are…I am a little disappointed chocolate diamond is listed as a color here, because I also have a heart shaped necklace made with those.


Now for the newest additions to my collection:



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Sigils I often use, that are a pain to look up every time I need them:


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Who’s Eva?

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@Lady_Eva :slight_smile: Didn’t think about how people couldn’t click her name since I quoted from a place you can’t see.

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