The Cold Shower Challenge

Sup y’all.

There has been the Fap Challenge, and the No-Fap challenge, but it’s time for something even better!

I challenge you to start taking at least ONE cold shower a day, preferably as soon as you wake up, on the coldest setting.

The benefits are numerous - and for a magickian even more so. You can use it to cleanse yourself, charge an intent/servitor/sigil, even as an offering to a spirit.

To cleanse yourself, just do the cold shower while banishing/imagining everything shitty leaving you.

To charge an intent, you could think of wealth, charge it with all the emotional energy coming from you (trust me, when you begin, there will be a LOT of that) and send it off.

You could even send it to an entity (like an offering), to a servitor, or fuel a sigil.

Either way, I challenge you to do the cold shower challenge, every day, on the coldest setting, for at least a week.

Steel yourself on the way to Godhood!



I’m going to hate you :laughing: I accept



Biggest tip I can give you - put the setting on the coldest without turning on the water, then stand, put the shower head above you or pointing at you (preferably aiming into the chest) and turn that shit on.

Then hit your whole body.

Allow yourself to breathe as deeply as possible through your mouth. It’s natural.

If you have to, scream.

Let out your inner warrior!

It’s fucking awesome.

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Oh I’ll probably learn to fry scream from it :laughing:

It won’t be a warrior that comes out of my being… But something even warriors fear :joy:


Do I have to make a “The Hot Shower Challenge”-thread now?

Or maybe “A Bathtub Full Of Moist Challenge”, perhaps? That will take a while to finish, though. :wink:


I. Hate. You

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How was it? :wink: :smiling_imp:

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I lasted maybe five minutes. Lots of growling. Can’t feel my feet right now :laughing:


Now tell me you didn’t feel like a fucking king after you finished. :sunglasses:

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I feel… Something :joy: we’ll see how I do for day twom… Gonna make myself stay longer and cover myself more

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Already been doing this for a long time. It is awesome. Try doing a hyper-focus meditation during one some time, just don’t give yourself hypothermia; you may lose track of time.

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Hot coals check
Warm bath check
Flannels check
Schnorkle check
Submarine toys check
Toy dinosaurs check
Cheese and crackers check
Rubber ducky check
Internet connection dodgy
ipad dried out
towels check

Cold shower - are you out of your freaking mind?


This, just after fap challenge could make an interesting mix :thinking:

For some this is a normal thing. Even for kids.


I’ve done this, very effective


I’ve actually been cold showering for sometime. Especially in winter it sends the body into shock and the body produces more white blood cells. Over time (weeks) it teaches you how to disassociate from bodily sensations, like pain. It also toughens you up.


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Evilllllllllllllllllll says i lmao :rofl:
See the weird part is i can meditate under a 50-60° waterfall no problem. Cold shower

I’ll stick to my psychotically hot showers lol they work just fine for cleansing.


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Cold showers actually cause an increase in testosterone from what I’ve read, so they don’t exactly get rid of arousal like the old wives tales say they do. They might just cause more fapping, especially if the water directly hits a man’s testicles, which is said to increase sperm production. There is a Taoist sect known for sexual techniques that has cold showers as part of their regimen (I have a course from such a master, put out by Matt Furey).

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I have run around in the snow for a minute or 2 with nothing on and now shoes, but I dont think I can do a cold shower…