The clowns insight

Yah. I know. I never share these, but sure why not this time.

The clowns insight-

Me: Baron Samedi are you there ?

Chills up my back

Samedi: always.

Me: am I doing things wrong?

Samedi: no.

Me: am I doing things right?

Samedi: no.

Me: if I’m not doing things wrong and I’m not doing things right, then wtf am I doing?

Samedi: You’re doing you.

Me: is this bad, what does it mean?

Samedi: it means you’re doing what you need to do.

Me: sighs. That’s all I get isn’t it?

Samedi: yep.

Me: thank you.

Samedi: no problem mate.

Me: since when does he use that word ?

Samedi: since i decided to. Writing this down, or going to let it go untill you forget the details?

Me: getting my damned phone and another cigarette. Keep your pants on. Whose this for?

Samedi: you know who.

Me: I mean come on, am I making this up or what ffs.

Samedi: you know you aren’t, when are going to stop asking this question?

Me: I mean come on really, this is ridiculous.

Samedi: is if? Is it really?