The Child Within and Magical Peter Pan Syndrome

Hello everyone,

‘‘There is frequently more to be learned from the unexpected questions of a child than the discourses of men.’’

John Locke

I would just like to share wit everyone a ritual,and some ramblings,and UPG on kids,and why they are important and powerful and demand to be respected.

Many of us here started practicing magic,as early as 4 or 5 years old,if not earlier.Though we were not aware of our own power,we knew magic.We believed in magic,we were fascinated by it,and we used it.

And I will say that kids are some of the best teachers you can have in the occult,and you don’t even know it.Neither do they.However,I can guarantee,that by playing with your child,listening to what they have to say with a meditative mind,scrying what they do and draw,or doing anything else will eventually yield you usable information,and useful information.

Sure,it may be buried around tons of randomness,but this holds true for ANY resource in the occult,even your most trusted spirits,there are things that aren’t nearly as useful as they seem,and things that are pure gold.

I bring this up because from the moment that I came onto this forum,I came there,with having started my magical practices,and even my mystical practices in childhood.I was continuing where I left off in a previous life even and I didn’t even know it.

I was thoroughly interested in kids,and magic.What can I do to help my future children develop their magic?What can I take away from my childhood,and the child within me to use in my magic?What wisdom can I learn from the children around me?And research questions like that,were one of the key parts of my general workings.

I believe reading somewhere that when you are a baby you are an utter solipsist.This worldview,is something many of us occultists ADOPT after various INTENSE MAGICAL EXPERIENCES,but babies seem to be born with it.

We struggle to leave our bodies,or to bring spirits into materialization,yet children who have a hard time sleeping(like I did when I was a child) are soul traveling,and talking to their imaginary friends.

Children haven’t had nearly as much social programming as adults have.While it IS true that fairytales depict evil witches,it is also true that a little kid won’t be punishing itself for a minor sin that an adult would feel guilty for just because their god told them not to do it.

As a child,I once fell asleep in a mosque,and met Muhammed.To the religiously inclined,this will be balderdash and blasphemy,as god is said not to appear to anyone besides the prophets,of which Muhammed is the last.Say this to the black magician,and they will scoff at the mention of Allah.

But the fact still remains that at the time,I was communicating with fairies,and praying to Allah,and maniplating the world through energies and magic and such,and I was perfectly OK with it.I didn’t know that Islam thought magic was bad,but I also had no trouble reconciling the irreconcilable,and thinking that both whiter and blacker magics were just magics that I could easily use and that I had no limitations in what I could be or use.

Children don’t care much about what’s real,and what isn’t.They don’t need tons of proof to believe that magic is real,which again ties into the less programming bit.But the point is,kids can and do accept magic as real,very easily.In fact,I remember reading a Wiccan website when I was like nine,and it said the first rule to being a wizard is accepting magic as real.

Then there was a whole nine pages on how to accept it as real,but I found that I could turn it on and off like a switch.

In fact,you’re born with all you need to become an excellent magician,and a god,but that is being suppressed with every passing year,the more you are exposed to the common observation that you cannot do it and that none of this is real.

So stop that.Accept it as real.

Easier said than done,though.I’ve told others about various workings that really make you feel like you are in the presence of something.These are people who can accept magic as real,but feel that they need proof.

The only truly effective way,from what I know,to prove to a truly stubborn pseudoskeptic that magic is real is by cursing them,letting it reach the point where they’re at their worst,just not dead,and simply undoing it all,giving them the perfect life with magic,and then admitting that you did it all.

And we don’t wanna do that,to prove to someone magic is real.So do not waste time trying to get other people to believe in magic if they don’t.If they’re open-minded enough to get results for themselves,then advise them.If not,then don’t bother.

The more complex thing is proving magic to yourself,something that those of us who started as children don’t really struggle with,but that is a big problem.

The following ritual has the intent of summoning your Inner Child,in the form of an invocation.Before we do that,though,we are going to need to define what the Inner Child refers to.

The Inner Child refers to our own child-like aspect,our own childish aspect,that which we learned and experienced before puberty,and a semi-independent entity that is subordinate to our waking conscious mind.

Which means,it is basically a part of you.It is an aspect of you.Much like we all have male and female aspects,so too do we all have a child within.

I’ve posted about this fairly recently,but in my past life,which is to say,the one right before my present one,I was a little girl.I was born in the late 1960s and died at the age of 8 in the 1970s.I drowned.

In every past life that I’ve had,I was a philosopher,a priest,a sorcerer,or a scientist.In that one in particular,I was highly clairvoyant.I was exactly the kind of indigo child that I described so much.I suppose I was continuing my work to some degree,the work I started in my flapper days.

I had really good connections to the fairies,apparently.The fairies flocked around me because of my ties with Hecate,and I communicated with them,I was friends with them.

I also apparently did mock rituals,while playing that did bring very real effects and I learned to scry in little rain droplets that fell on windows.I can’t share exactly where I live,though I will say that it was in Scotland.

One prevening,while I was out doing some things,I accidentally fell into a river and drowned,because I could swim.This makes a lot of sense,considering I’ve had several drowning dreams when I was younger.The fairies remained my good friends throughout this life.

This past incarnation had reached out to me.This girl,could have been a brilliant witch,by this day and age.But she wasn’t.She didn’t make it.And I pitied her,though I was glad she found her afterlife.

I told her that I would do in my power everything to achieve what she wanted to,but didn’t,thus honoring OUR legacy.And then,she told me that I could call on her whenever I wanted or needed her help.

When I first summoned her,though,I realized that she wasn’t a mere spirit of the dead,an ordinary shadow,or even a strange mixture of both,that this little girl,who I was,was indeed my Inner Child,which was an entire aspect of me,all on its own,that my godform could assume,but was loosely connected with.

Why am I telling you all of this?

To explain exactly how I came to the point where I’m at and why I think this ritual matters.So,you will need the following things:

-A piece of paper
-A pen
-Three candles
-Your amulet(if you have one,that is)
-Any memorabilia you may have from your own childhood,if you do have any
-Sugar,and any kind of sweets.
-A scrying mirror

Lay out the things from your childhood on the altar.Also add any candy that you may have.In the center of the altar place the lavender.Put the candles,one on the left side of the altar,one on the center,and one on the right,and don’t light any of them.Open with a light meditation.

If you have an amulet,put it on.Start spreading the sugar around,and summon the fay,by singing for them to come.This is best done outdoors,but I see no reason why it can’t work inside.Visualize a gateway to the world of the fay,forming in front of you.If you feel something itching your hair,know that fairies have come,and you’ve given them the offering of sugar.The following song is one I have found to be good:

‘‘Come all ye fairies,come to me,
Make yourselves known,so I can see,
Gifts I will bring,respects I will show,
Fly all around me,to and fro,
Help me on my magical quest,
Do so swiftly now,and then you can rest,
Elemental gifts are my desire,
Water,air,earth and fire,
Come all ye fairies by dark and by light,
Illuminate the way, and have it take flight,
Do not dawdle,do not tarry,
For your job is my magical rite to carry,
Come all ye fairies come to me,
Come all ye fairies come to me,
Come all ye fairies come to me,
This is my will,so mote it be!’’

Sing it to any tune that resonates with you.

Put a piece of paper,and the pen in front of you.On the paper,draw a sigil.

This sigil is the following:

Draw a sun,with tendril-like rays.THen,split the circle in two with a diagonal line.On the right side,draw a small triangle,and on the left one,a star,the ones that look like a cross between a + and an x.

Underneath,the words ‘‘Je serait toujours un enfant.’’

Which is French for ‘‘I will always be a kid’’.This sigil may vary for others,but this is the one that I got.Draw the sigil,with the pen,and light the candles,from left to right.

When you light the first one say:’‘I ignite memories I had as a babe.I ignite the knowledge of my own genesis,the time when I was a god,and yet still when I knew nothing.I ignite the first flame of the Inner Child.’’

When you light the middle one say:’‘I ignite the memories I had as a kid.I ignite the knowledge of my own development,the time when I was a wizard,and yet still an ingenue.I ignite the second flame of the Inner Child.’’

When you light the right one,say:’‘I ignite the memories I had as an adolescent.I ignite the knowledge of my own maturity,the time when I was a man(or woman) and yet still not grown-up.’’

After you’ve lit those candles,gaze into the sigil and open it and call out to your own Inner Child.Repeat ‘‘Je serait toujours un enfant’’ several times,and anything else that your intuition tells you to say.

You will feel a presence grow in the room.Now that this is it.This is the Inner Child.If you have a scrying mirror or crystal ball,now is the time,to start scrying for your Inner Child.

When she/he has materialized,ask her/it for its name.If it gives it to you,good.If not,then assume it is the same one as yours,and just call it ‘‘the Inner Child’’.Ask it question,ask it to help you with things in your life,and when the time is right,merge with it,though that’s a different thread altogether.

I hope that this has been helpful,and remember,nous serons toujours des enfants!