The Chain of Saint Michael/Divination

Archangel Michael requested that I share the Chain of Saint Michael
with this forum.

You can make this chain yourself or purchase it online. Working with
this chain definitely draws you closer to Archangel Michael. It is
said that if you ask the same question twice the response will reverse
itself. I find this to be true. Please ask him if he wants red wine,
white wine, chocolate, rum or a cigar and offer it to him prior to
beginning or after he answers your questions only if he agrees to it.
I face South and light a candle throwing the chain on red fabric.

Reading the Chain of Saint Michael

(The information below has been borrowed from the website Whisperings
from the Outside.
The Chain of Saint Michael is a divination tool that is believed to have originated in Italy, and is probably derived from geomancy practices utilizing four coins. Geomancy itself originated in Islamic North Africa and was introduced to Europe during the Middle Ages. The actual chain of St. Michael is most likely fairly recent, and mostly associated with the Benedicaria tradition.
It’s comprised of four St. Michael medallions and a Sword charm, with four equal spaces of chain linking them together:

The more “general” reading only takes into account which way the medallions are facing and is meant for yes or no questions. The more complicated method takes into account the way the medallions are facing as well as the pattern they form. Each pattern has a direct correspondence to a specific Saint.
Both methods typically begin with prayer and the sign of the cross, you ask your question then throw the chain. The guide to the more general reading is as follows, with the front (F) of the medallion representing a positive, and the backside (B) a negative:
FFFF= A Yes, but an unexpected one.
FFFB= A Maybe.
FFBB= A definite Yes.
BBBF= A definite No.
BBBB= A No that requires further divination.

Very similar to Obi. In fact, the answers are practically the same. I would say that the actual origin is in appropriation from the African diasporic religion of Santeria.
Still, REALLY interesting! I’ll have to go abouts making one of those. Where can I find information about the deeper readings?

Never mind, found it. c:

Benedicaria Master Edition By Vito Quattrocchi (Lulu Pub.) contains
a little more information that is very Christian oriented regarding the
chain. The book includes the Saints and various Novenas to them.

Reminds me as Urim and Thummim which I have used in the past. Simple yet reliable. I made my own, with Y,H on one coin, and V,H on the other. Put in a bag and pull your answers for divination purposes. No special ceremony required.

Reading on the history of Urim and Thummim, these were probably made of
wood or bone, and were used by the high priest. The meaning of these
words were cursed or faultless, deduced as innocent or guilty to identify
a sinner who would stand in front of the high priest and ask the question.
The result was the Diety’s view of the accused.

You can also look for geomantic patterns in the way the chain falls.

Each side of the chain represents a 1 or 2 for the geomantic figure this can give additional insight into the yes/no question.

Just read Euoi’s link and saw the geomantic patterns aligned to a particular Saint.

Professor Ames has a similar version using mercury dimes and a skeleton key.