The Cathars Group Reincarnation

Now I watched this intriguing little documentary on YouTube about Cathars reincarnateting here in this modern time.

Apparently doing the age of Inquisition. The Cathars (condemned by the Catholic Church) was persecuted by the Church for heresy. With this came suffering and a massacre. Of course you didn’t die quick. You had to be burned on the stake, so your soul was trapped on Earth (belived by Cathars to be hell). This of course was a cursed torment for the Cathars. Since they now have to reincarnate into this world with the memories of the dreaded time.

Now here is where it get’s interesting. There are supposedly are group of people living today, having the exact memory of the past. This comes with names, dates, location etc. Abon further investigation, these claims by this group can actually be found in an old Inquisitionary book stored in a French institution.

Of course I want to hear your opinion of this phenomenon. Do you think it’s true or pure fantasy.

P.S: Keep in mind this is a mainstream documentary. So of course some of it is more staged and RHP based.


Without watching the video, this does fit with my own research (and experience from a past life) on why fire was used - different effects for different people, because the “human” soul is anything BUT uniform in origins, structure, and destiny, but with the core intent of affecting the reincarnation/afterlife destination of that person’s soul.

So a Yes from me on this as a likely concept.


And how about in regards to groups reincarnating in the same time. Is this also something you have stumbled apon in research?

For me watching this documentary, I had a strange feeling occurring trueout it. Can’t explain what is was and in regards to why. This being one of the reasons for me sharing this with y’all.


Yes, look at us on here. Feel the energy raised over three consecutive years on March 1st, for example, when we unite to work towards a goal for our own kind - minor differences slip away.

This is the time, and we are the people to perfom great miracles, regardless of our numerous personal flaws and what have you.

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Well… I am an Aries. So I know some of these flaws I have. One of them having to many things on the table at once and jumping from project to project. I most say, it buggers me. :aries:

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It’s certainly an interesting story, though I’m doubtful they are truly “reincarnated”.
This comes from the fact that I don’t believe mortals possess an immortal soul. I take the view that throughout our lives we take in energy and that energy is then imprinted with our experiences and essence, forming a mortal soul. Upon death the mortal soul is released and begins to disperse, in the same way a ritual may manifest and then the energy steadily dissipates.
As far as time scales go, I believe this can take hundreds of years… Even thousands for energetically powerful people.
When it comes to reincarnation, I believe that new born take in energy initially. This forms the basis for their soul. There is a chance that some residual energy, from someone elses dissipating soul, may be drawn into the infant. This explains phenomenon where people have claimed to remember past lives.
As far as these guys go, I don’t doubt that they may have drawn in some residual energy, but it’s not a true reincarnation. That’s firmly within the territory of immortals.

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I don’t remember my past lives. But once I see some old buildings, my mind is rushed with nostalgia and a felling of something from before.

Now I actually do remember my birth. I remember thinking in a deep and foreign voice (None I have ever encountered before. Could it be a demonic language?). And observing and being fascinated on how it was to be a baby again. ‘Tis quite strange.

Anybody have this same remembrance?


My cousin had a similar experience. When he started to speak, be spoke Chinese for about a month… Then just stopped. He’d never met a Chinese speaker at that point, and this was before things like YouTube so he couldn’t have heard it anywhere.
( We know it was Chinese because we asked an uncle who lives over there ).

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That is an intriguing experience. Did he ever recall his past live now?

Now I’m regards to my experience. The only language so far that resembled that which I thought at birth would be this Demoinic one. Of course there could be others. But I just havem’ Encountered any that sounded like it.

Topics derail a lot…:joy::ok_hand:


I’ve read that the style of one’s death, in terms of how sudden and violent, can affect one’s afterlife destination–as in, the more bloody and quick, the more disoriented after death so the less likely to “go on”. Burning at the stake probably wouldn’t be too quick, though–are you saying that the prolonged time in pain and agony would help “trap” one from advancement after death?

Researching how long death by burning at the stake takes led me to the interesting tidbit (no guarantee of factual certainty) that after the Reformation they started using more green wood and/or placing the person high above the fire so the process would be a longer and more painful roasting rather than a relatively quick burning. :flushed:

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But still we are the barbaric savages.

The Reformation did actually make Witchcraft/Magick more unacceptable to practice. Martin Luther himself said that Witches and Sorcerer most be exterminated.


Holy fuck knuckles. Thank you for sharing! This is neat.

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Both the trauma and the fact it’s done in the name of the Abrahamic faith, so it’s effectively a blood sacrifice.

Based on my experience reclaiming a part of my own soul from a former life, aspects that are sacrificed like that tend to remain separated and unable to reintegrate, without help.

I have observed doing numerous journeys that we have a “Higher Self” (HS) for want of a better term, and then incarnate selves, our souls are multi-part and milti-planal, being able to exist and interact as HS, as deceased personality (though that can weaken and fade over time unless given an assist), and the incarnate self living a life here.

(DNA may exist on a higher level still, spiritually, that’s a bit off-topic for this though.)

Burning under those conditions seems to trap some soul energy from that incarnation, diminishing the future incarnations of that person and also perhap trapping certain patterns of personality, knowledge, and accumulated power that would otherwise be the rightful inheritance of a future incarnation.

I know this sounds weird, but this is what I’ve seen and experienced, I;ve also seen that same multi-part structure in other people (even animals have a Higher Self) so I’m not spitballing theories here. :smiley:

When I reclaimed that life, I felt like two people for a short period, then reintegrated properly after a few days, I sometimes am aware I’ve been slightly different since then, my old man’s noticed it as well.

I’m a lot fucking angrier, for a start, but also happier, because THEY FAIL.


Lady Eva activates Super Saiyan mode

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No shit, I sometimes feel like I activate WitchMode or something, I’m a lot more laid back than I was then, it’s a pretty weird feeling to slip tracks into a slightly different mindset.

Pretty cool though. :wink:

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You must have some pretty interesting conversation with yourself from time to time then…:smirk:

Not at all, he doesn’t remember a thing about it