The Case Against Sugar

Here is a pretty good talk about it from Gary Taubes being interviewd by Mercola. Very interesting:

There are other great videos on the side.

And here is the 10 hour audio book:


Maybe one day… i will have a vessel that can handle sugar, meat, fish and dairy without getting sick… :crying_cat_face:

But really, its been 3 days, and my body is still not back to “normal” since i ate less than ten little jelly moons :confused:

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I read somewhere, that the body needs 12 hours
-if not actively doing physical work,
to deplete the storage.

if you eat sugar and starch,
your body will store carbs and water.

~It seems sugar is only ok in a fairly physical active, (raw) fruitarian lifestyle,
but who has the money for that? I dont live in a tropical place where you get 40 pounds of bananas for a few bucks, or whatever those people eat.

I like to eat lots of coconut fat, and try to get as much fat and protein in relation to the carbs.
And i try to eat 1-2 times a day.


Interesting. What benefit does coconut fat provide to you, if you don’t mind me asking?


The half of it is made of of MCTs, what i got from the articles were,
that those are so short molecules, that they mix with water.

~I read that after i tried it.
Was pretty nice with lentils…

Its one of the very few oils that does not make me tiiired,
so numb that i regret eating it.

~You know those tiems when you eat something out of the ordinary with lots of fat,
and later you feel so tired but also dried up? And if you drink, anything, it will feel like only adding to the pile in your stomach.

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Yes actually. Leads back to sugar as always. Have you ever come across Dr Jennifer Daniels videos on the tube?


Meow? No i havnt :astonished:

~But you recommend them? :thinking:

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If you have the time to do so, I certainly do. Based on what I read above.

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