The Canaanite god of death and destruction: Mot

I am writing this post because in the search engine of the forum I found few topics about the Canaanite culture and the ritual practice with these spirits.

This time I will write about who is for me, the most important figure in the Canaanite culture according to the tradition of Ugarit which is Mot.

Mot is considered the god of the underworld, death, plague, destruction and contains in himself a triple force that not all entities have which is demonic, death and vampiric essence.

He is the counterpart of the god Baal who was considered a benevolent spirit, in short he was the one who brought nature into balance and ruled the earth. If we compare these myths with those of other cultures such as the Persians, in short Baal would be like Aura Mazda and Mot would be like Ahriman.

Mot was the one who annihilated Baal and consumed him, sending him directly to the underworld. I believe that for those who like the left hand path, Mot is a very complete entity to work with in a ritualistic way, whether you are a necromancer, a practitioner of vampirism or even if you like to work with adversarial figures, with Mot you will find one of the most powerful figures in the pantheons of ancient cultures immersing you in one of the strongest aspects that Luciferism has to offer.

If you want to know more about Mot, I will answer your questions, also in a few days I will make other publications talking about other Canaanite entities and above all disproving several false details surrounding Moloch.


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