The Book to Use Before Any Money Magick

(not an affilitate)

This book; is an absolute god send simply put.

Now I know I have been asking around on money and the such, but this book PREPARES YOU FOR IT.

Its not so much money magick as its a book that kills desperation and the like when it comes to money.

Personal example: I only have $8 and stuff coming up to pay; yet im not scared or worried or having that horrible cramping in my stomach.

Highly highly recommend


Wen its rent money. It suks.some may get the feeling.

What’s the title of the book

Dude, it’s right in the first post.


The people behind the GOM books gets a lot of attention, but Henry Archer is really the man to be following when it comes to these kinds of grimoirs because he gives you gems right there in front of you, if you just read and analyze texts.


Forget any rituals or spells if you want to be rich. Start with Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill first. Mindset matters a lot more when it comes to building wealth than a handful of rituals.


Preach it!!! GOM books are trash if you ask me and I am convinced they are gaming the amazon reviews. I have both of Henry Archer’s books both physical and digital. The union of power book has saved my ass more times than I can count. I will always buy his books. I need to follow through on the money book, I reached the one with the blue food coloring but botched it so need to re-do it.


Eh, just to say “Hi, I’m Rey Cuervo and I’m another of Henry’s fanboys”. So, hi.


I like the GOM books, I am surprised over the fact that the “words of power” trilogy became my favorite though. Anyway, Henry Archer gave us the pathworking to Jupiter and I have used it to get in touch with Jupiter together with the seal of Jupiter in other rituals as well. I can imagine he knows the pathworkings to other deities too, and I hope he reveal them in a book for us sooner than later.

A lot of these kinds of small gems in his book.


I like Henry Archers stuff

Hadn’t thought about analysing any of it… gonna be searching now for what is hidden in it :grin:

Yeah, you will be surprised.

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Henry Archers book does that…

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Thats odd I started my magickal career on Gallery of magick books Namely magical cash book .Wealth magick .and Magickal protection all fantastic almost instant results although now i prefer to use demonic magick now for two years those three books dug me right out of the sh!t so will always be grateful for that Herbie