The Book of the Sun of Gnosis

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Tell us about it in more detail! Please!


Hello, I have that book, but it’s not compatible with your spiritual orientation, I have an old version, it’s simply a mixture between Alchemy, Astrology, and other ancient sciences that are lost with some knowledge of the future. The book’s dangerous part is when you try to apply it’s guides to contact spirits, the problem here is not the method, but the result, the spirits are different from what you think you know, they’re extremely hard to contact with a very delicate personality.


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Hello I was wandering if you could tell me more about this knowledgeable (shek) you took your friend to. How did you know that this person was legit. I’m curious because I have come across meany fakes or not as knoligable ass that cleam. I seeking one that can truly help. So any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Huh, it’s funny I see this thread bumped because my neighbor has told me about this book and I intended to research it but had forgotten all about it. A shame it doesn’t have any English translations.


Jinns scare the shit out of me. Recently there was an incident that occurred in Australia. A man tried to stab someone to death or he actually did (do not remember) testified that a Jinn instructed him to do so. Obviously the court didn’t believe him but I did. From that point on, just the word alone freaks me out.

Here is the article



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Thank you for sharing this with us,
i’ve in fact been looking for that book for a long time now.

It’s one of three,
if i remember correctly.

Got to take some time for looking into that however,
and won’t be able to do so quickly.

So i’m following this topic from now on,
so i may get reminded towards it,
when time matches up with it.

(propably 3-5 years from now.)

Special note to OP:

You’ve done right,
to go without taking anything from the place.

If you’d had taken anything,
you’d had made an enemy of the scale of our skill level,
and propably not kept it for long,
before having to give it up.

Unless you know how to read the Original Language,
(Hebrew, but not just hebrew in that case, i suppose),
the book would have helt only so much protection for you,
and apart from that,
you’d also had hurt ongoing Spellcraft,
that was being conducted with the book.

Your desire to find the book,
was answered by showing you,
that it truely exists.

But having a look at it,
and taking it and working with it,
is a huge difference.

The Dark spirit,
you percieved,
was either the owner himself,
or one of his servants,
protecting the magickal place.

I’m very glad you got to the right decision,
and came back to talk about it.



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My first time hearing about the book, probably because I’m not into books.

But if it’s really this interesting, I will try to get it. I’m yet to meet what will scare me, so I will definitely practice stuff written in it if I’m able to get it. And I will sure post my experience here.


My Suggestion,
regarding your further work,
towards having and working with that book:

Aproach dark spirits you do know and work with.

Formulate your intent,
of getting access to it,
and offer yourself,
to go into a trial phase,
where you work with it,
only in the Astral Dimension.

the Djinn,
will more likely,
allow you to access it there,
and it’s easier to access this way aswell.

By studying it there,
and taking some of what you learn into practice,
you kind of qualify,
for if you can handle it.

But also,
leave space,
for the possibilty of failing at it,
without risking your life for it.

Make that an explicit demand,
upon the terms of the agreement.

To be allowed to leave peacefully,
in case you find yourself uncapable of dealing with the book.

Why i suggest that?

Because on a book like that,
you don’t know how much protection is assigned to it.

State specifically:

I allow,
for the knowledge,
i’m unable to use,
and work with,
to be removed,
in case of my failure.
I choose this aproach,
because i’m to valuable,
as a Magi,
to be lost,
by falling to foolishness,
and in honor,
of those Spirits (Djinn),
that originally created the Grimoire.

Then, name the man you’ve mentioned to be the author,
and ask for permission,
to be guided by him directly,
or by his familiars,
if he denies the request.

The Ancient Oath or Red Sulphur

definitely the book i had been looking for.



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Been working on my Planet yesterday,
giving life to it.

i find this,
being casted as “Live feed”,
right now:




This should be revisited! :slight_smile:
It is mentioned here as well! :slight_smile:

Dear ms_k,

Thank you for your contribution.

I assume you mean this version:

Another facility of hiding truth,
and keeping it from the public.

Please take the time and introduce yourself to the forum,

If this post really conflicts with your morals,
and you do not want to participate in this forum,
but found yourself forced to do so,
as you explained in your post,
please have a private message with @Lady_Eva.

She’s well versed in the techniqual background of the forum,
and can also help you in case you’re really expieriencing possession which you do not want to have.

In regards of your Moral Compass,
maybe you can find relief in that you didn’t publish it,
nor spread it at all.

You merely served your gods,
the way they requested from you.

[open link for original photo copies of the Tome of Sun.]

The book has always returned to us at our bidding,
do not fear,
and do not worry.

You shall not study it,
if it compromises your beliefs and you wish to stick to those.

Should you be willing and interested to grow,
to see the other gods,
to find out about the lies your imams told you,
and the truth why they prohibit works which differ from their favorite version of working with the divine,
you might find lots of guidiance and help amongst this forum.

But beware.
That, woun’t be an easy path.




Hi Ahmed ,

can i ask … as magic is prohibited in islam - and apparently an automatic dismissal from the joys of life after death … why has the author used Bismillah at begining of each chapter ?? is that not a contradictory??

it is.

Same goes in christianity
same goes in jawish system.

Because they all are fake.

They all,
have little segments,
that kind of reveal that they’re imposed.

All these three systems,
are built upon,
and hiding away,
older gods.

And those older gods reawaken.

Because “allah” or “jehova” or “Yahweh”,
couldn’t deliver beyond his abilities.

He simply doesn’t hold that power,
that is claimed within these scriptures.

That’s why,
for advanced ranks,
there are little marks in it,
to which power actually is needed to work with,
when some specific request goes beyond what that “allmighty” god can do.

To keep the hoax alive.

That’s also,
why higher scholars,
are well versed in magick.

Because they can’t do their job,
if they belief the same shit that’s told to the masses.



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there have been no lies told … infact what you guys have discovered in recent years - the prophet of islam informed of this long long before …about all the Djin (spirits) invoking etc

the things you currently are confused about or have no answers - Islam will clarify for you

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yeah i heard those kinds of statements before.

Please take the time to introduce yourself here:

If you want to continue this discussion.

It’s part of the forum rules.

I also remember quite well,
how Islam people responded to me,
when i revealed who i truely am to them.

Trust me,
what you just said,
and what i just said,
have to do with each other.

you’ve asked why it was written there,

In regards to the “no lies being told” aspect,
islam also teaches that there are good djinn “believers” and bad djinn “non believers”,
just like humans.

In fact,
it explains that djinn even have their own society and compare it with human society aswell.

Suleiman (here more commonly known as Solomon),
was a Magician,
and according to your legend,
his power came from enslaving those Djinn,
that didn’t serve Allah willingly (the opposers),
by magick and seals.

Now what do you think,
when looking at that legend,
what those beings are capable of,
when working in unicin with humans,
out of their own free will,
instead of enslavement.

Look at yourself for that matter.

What do you do for your boss,
your imam,
your job you are forced to do.

Do you apply all your skill and ability there?
are you a good slave?

or do you only use a fraction of your abilities when forced to act against your will,
and do much more,
when working out of your free will?

Those Djinn,
aren’t just merely servants of Allah.

What is clearly visible,
is the Islam had that knowledge since your prophet,
as you’ve said.

And what have they achieved?
How have their tribes lived over the millenia?

And what has been achieved within a couple decades,
since those Old Gods are working directly here again?

Keep your beliefs,
if you want to.

Maybe they even bring you to your form of heaven.

If you actually want to achiev something within your life,
they might however become an obstacle.

Im Shallah.
If god wants it.
Is a statement of slavery.
Everytime you pray,
and re-inforce that statement,
you give away power,
to be ruled by others.
Everytime you chant “im Shallah”,

Specifically Beings that talk here on this Forum,
have to decide how to fix your circumstance to what is requested.

That must also be written in the Koran,
by Mohammed,
i guess.



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