The book of the law--what does it mean?

So anyway I read crowleys book of the law, which was transcribed from the intelligence Aiwass, or the holy guardian angel as he called it. For those who have read it, what do you think this all means? What was Aiwass talking about?

"Those who discuss the contents of this Book are to be shunned by all, as centres of pestilence. "

So anyway, lets get to disscussing the contents of this book then, I’m very curious as to what all of your views are.

In a nut shell, the book lays out the idea of enlightenment through union with the absolute, the realisation of non-duality and the way to live “love under will”. Pretty much the same story told by every religious book ever.
Its pretty hard going though because every passage is littered with kabbalic number games and references, uses Crowleys own brand of egyptian mysticism and is written in his flowery language.
Considering the work that is involved in decoding the book firstly in putting it in regular English, then researching all of the mythology and finally kabbalicly dissecting the book, I decided to put it aside once I realised the jist of it.
I would be interested to know if anyone thinks there are deeper secrets contained in this disection though.

Exactly… The individuation and the true Will are some core concepts.
Also some people regard it as the mondus operandi for those who follow the path of Thelema.
There’s a patient were I work and he calls himself a “recovering Thelemite”. To be honest he is more sane than many people who are considered to be “normal” but anyway.
Whenever I have the chance I exchange opinions with him about Thelema and many other things and he has given me some hints to see the Book of the Law from a psychological point of view.

I’m a Thelemite so I hold the Book of The Law in high regard, though the book itself stresses that everyone must interpret and apply it to their own life in their own manner. Two people can have two very different interpretations of it and both be “right”, because Thelema is centered around the individual it has as many manifestions as there are individual Thelemites.

From my own personal understanding of it, it is a divinely inspired work that uses symbolism and metaphor to describe the new shift in consciousness humanity is entering into, called the Aeon of Horus. The energies of the New Aeon are transitioning humanity into the next step of spiritual evolution where the old religious spiritual systems based around the archetype of the dying god Osiris are replaced with the mythos of the Crowned and Conquering child Horus. Thus no longer do humans need to be chained to the suffering and submission to a patriarchal deity but rather know the god in themselves through the understanding execution of their True Wills as individuals.

That’s just my best short summary I cane give of it as I understand it that I have time to type right now. It’s a very deep subject and there’s tons of mysteries in Liber Al that can be revealed to one.

What sort of mysteries are you talking about? Are we talking about things that have an application or simply a deeper understanding into the nature of reality? I am of course aware that these two areas directly cross over at many junctions

Generally the latter, but like you said they can easily cross over.