The book of smokelss fire 2 into the crucible

The book arrived yesterday and before starting to work with it i wanted to know if anyone got some experience and knowledge with it

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I have just seen this old thread… Yes I have work through it and when you really enter into this current there is no escape to the transformation as side effect of the first cold reflection ritual and others. These rituals can trigger within the night of the soul so be prepared to be burn by the Iblis fire. It can occurs or not , it depends on each individual. In my case, I have felt it during 2 years and it was not easy, all area of my life have been affected by this current until now. If you have been betrayed or deeply hurt during your life this ritual can have even stronger healing effect, painful one but after darkness there is a new light coming from within and you become stronger in the daily life, work etc. The smokeless fire system is a warrior path and I was not prepared for that intensity. In my opinion this is the true book 1 of the smokeless fire serie because you find here a system of self-initiation into this current and the allegiance to Iblis. The allegiance will help to successfully evoke the other Djinn. This is also a way to be empowered with the unholy trinity Iblis/Zoobghah/Shara. This book is more on the immersion into the current itself than anything else, this is not to gain love, wealth or attack your ennemies but all of these things can occurs as a by product. In a way this is a system to become the Djinn current and get baneful power/warrior mind/defense abilities etc ( unholy trinity = the head and the 70 Djinn = the body ). Lunate script is found only in the first tome and you need it to work on the book 2. These 2 books are by the far my favorite ones from S Ben Qayin. Few years ago he has done an Iblis ritual on me and it was intense, really intense.
Also smokeless fire seems at first only baneful magical system but there is much more than that and you can understand the whole system after reading and practicing first the book 2 then later the book 1.
I like also another book from Etu Malku to summon the 7 planetary Djinn Kings but I dont have do much things with it yet as it is a relatively new publication and I need to prepare myself for the new ride.


So are in for life or how does this work I want to do the work but don’t know what to offer

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