The Book Of Ieou


I discovered this book accidentally.It’s a gnostic archive concerning the teachings of Jesus Christ to his apostles.I took a quick look around and i saw sigils,strange godnames and descriptions of how to make the archons of restricted astral realms to open the doors for you using the sigils and the names that christ was giving secretly to his apostles.
The whole thing was just to magical for me to ignore,so i picked up a name and conjure whatever it was behind.
All i can say is that it was very strong.Much stronger than angelic and definitely a godform current.

Just wanted to share it

Awsome dron, can’t wait til this arvo when I have time to check it out. thanks for the post :slight_smile:

The Docslide link you posted Dron had a copyright notice on page 4 dated for 1978 specifically prohibiting reproduction by photographic methods, and so I’m going to err on the side of caution and rmeove that post.

It all looks really interesting, and I hope you can share your findings working with it. :slight_smile:

Ahh.Sorry. I thought it was for free.I have to stop rushing into things with haste.

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It sounds interesting. The Gnostics were an interesting sect. Ironically, they would have called themselves “Christian,” not “Gnostic”. Their particular brand, though, is very much in tune with what Occultists do.