The Book of Exu by Korgon ( Prologue )

I didnt publish it inside the new writers wanted cause I didnt finished yet this book. Im working on it, but Id like to share with you my rough english prologue.

I know that in english language theres not much books in practical Exu invocation, and from a middle term time, I had many succesful experiences. This book is intended for begginers but have a final chapter connecting the Santeria world with Qlipphot, knowing that will generate a lot of controversy on some traditional kabbalistic magicians. Im sharing with you a part of the prologue. Hope ull like it.

My english needs to be corrected of course, but is a rough draft. Now working in the ritual section of the book with all the experiences and rituals that i personally used, so all the stuff published on this book is my own experience on this. Some crazy things you will read on the prologue that will make some magicians say “awwwwww noooo”, such a kind of “two girls one cup reaction”. hahaha. Enjoy!

The Secrets of AfroBrasilian Magic for a Daily Practice



All the rituals described on this book, are designed to not harm the operator in any way or form. Because of the design of the Exu realm, the cause and effect has more impact than other spiritual realms, the use of this knowledge is entirely your responsibility.

Prologue ( reduced version for respect to the readers of the forum )

Do you imagine make a lesser banishing ritual of the Pentagram around a female Exu?, even some Kabbalistic Magi’s don’t believe on that possibility, the story that I’m gonna to tell you now, happened to me.

Do you imagine a reversal channeling when the spirit takes the vessel and sits down to listen your knowledge of Kabbalah?, that, happened to me, with Exus.

Talking in real time with a female Exu in a possessed body walking in the streets with the eyes wide open, is one of the most fascinating experiences that I met a few years ago. Walking with a Pomba Gira on a shopping mall, and looking her eyes, seeing the evolution of society, is a “you must probe it” experience. This book is about Exus walking among us, in a daily basis. Most of the people non initiated in this sciences, don’t know that many times in the day the Exus and the Kiumbas fall into their minds having a human experience with their bodies. e

Exus ARE NOT demons in the strict meaning of the term. They belong to a “local realm” nearby human race, and their powers affects directly the reality of millions of people for blessing or cursing every day, every hour and every seconds. Thousands of temples in Central and Southamerica sends myriads of this entities to “hacer el trabajo” which in English means “do the work”. Local White magicians describe Exus as “low qlipphots”, which is a misconception about “low” and about “qlipphot” term. For the first time in English language, I will reveal to you, the secrets of the Exu in a practical and “result oriented” way.

Everything starts with a friend, who had a computer damaged. As a professional on technologies I went to her house to solve it. While the installation of the new system was running a deep connection begins, and she begin to talk about her attraction to the Umbanda world, and the thing she dreamt all his life. On that times I was helping people to make the “seven days cleansing system of Saint Cyprian” a customized ritual that I perform with many people, getting results of 27 weeks of banishing of low energies inside a house. After the finishing of the cleansing of her house, something strange happens.

One night sitting on my desktop, I receive a private chat from her on facebook. 60 Minutes before I was talking to her by phone about my discoveries on the Sephiroth tree of life, and some new discovered mechanics to banish an unwanted spirit using a word of power related to the Elohim. She went to bed, and I knew she was on the bed. She had only one computer, and when I received a message from her, I call her right on this moment and his son took the phone. Cause I knew her house, I knew the telephone was by the side of the computer. The son told me that her mother was sleeping since one hour ago with no surprised mood. This is a part of the message in Portuguese

“ Eu preciso de sua ajuda pra livrar a meu fhilia a que voltese a uma Rahina. Voce posse pider lo que vc quer em troca de sua ajuda”.

Message Translated

“I need from your help to release my daughter in order to become a Queen. You can ask whatever u want in exchange of your help.”

I was not involved on that times on Ceremonial Evocations, and I was learning kabbalah and white magic related stuff. Even though I was not thinking about to evoke ever. The confirmation of the genuinely of the message was the strange feeling around my body. A disgusting sensation of massive presence around my bedroom, some dark glimpses in the eyes corners and a strong emotion of desire in the solar plexus.

This was the first messages of hundreds of conversations and the events described above. That entity walk with me going shopping, having long term speaks by phone and in direct presence talking to me in a powerful and sometime deceptive way. I was “green” on that times, When I started my left hand path process I did not meet her anymore because of our different occupations in the occult.

The entity, in differences between many channeling’s and possessions that I see later, open her eyes, sign of true channeling. In Umbanda Quimbada experienced priests there is an essay : never trust in a spirit with the eyes closed. Is not an Exu, is just a Kiumba or a familiar spirit of a falange from the Exu, not the Exu itself.

One year later I met another woman, called Lora. She teach me another way of use this powers and entities, in a fast and easy way, and she teach to channel myself an Exu. I learn to use a well hidden technique of approach to the Exus, called the “bright side of the Quimbanda realm” which is the most powerful side inside this realms. The easiest the way you perform the ritual, the easy you will get the results. The only obligation with the entity is to “full fill” the sacrifice which sometimes is food, alcohol and cigarettes, located in a certain specific place. The sacrifice depends of the preferences of the entity.

I Will teach to work with this entities, in an easy and fast way , and remember my personal advice: Don’t worry if you live in New York, or Amsterdam, you can call an Exu right there and right now, and he will be ready to assist you in the task u need to be accomplished.

In the last part of the book I will give you the sigils to open up the portals of the Exus, and call them in a fast way, and all the recommendations for a successful operation.In an advanced level you can call Exu just saying his/her name, and a unspoken secret : How to have sexual encounters with a Male/Female Exu ( a possessed body ) without being controlled by the entity or harmed. This practice is very common in some local temples, so a sexual encounter would be possible in the possession way, so to stay ready for that moment, some simple but powerful protection is needed.

If you want to perform a ritual with Exus,in a daily basis, this text must be part of your book of shadows. Many of the requisites from Ritual magic are not present on this book, making it more easy to perform. A reduced version of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram will be given, for cleansing the ritual zone, that could be a simple table of your house, some candles, alcohol and cigarettes. The creation of the Altar and the devices used for specific and advanced relationship with Exus will be given the last chapters.

The last chapter is a treatise of what I personally experienced as the connection of the Exu realm with Qlipphot tree Knowledge.

So lets start…

End of reduced version of the prologue…

Where you from, Korgon?

Great stuff Korgon. I thought Exu was a proper name, I didn’t know that it was a class of spirit. Would you say that they are like the Djinn of Middle Eastern traditions?

I made a post with a bit about Quimbanda:

Yes, Exus here are considered a “class” of spirits. Not really like Djinns, they are more complex than that and it can be complicated.

Does working with Exus requires any formal intiation such as in voudon?

I’m guessing it requires ceremonial protocol, but does it need to be passed from one practitioner to another and are there grades such as the grades existing in voudon (houngan, king houngan) that should be respected to know from who you recieve initiation

Looks as a great practice, specially since is geographically close,

Looking foward for the book.

Divinator, thanks for the info.

Keep writing!!!