"THE BOOK OF AZAZEL" - Secret Sigils, Deluxe Version

Would owning a copy of the ‘Special Reserve Edition’ limited to 77 copies of
“The Book Of Azazel” have a distinct and greater advantage over any of the other
formats of this grimoire, considering the following information concerning the secret
sigils hidden within the grimoire that can only be seen by a black light ?
It seems that it would.
I copied this info off of Weiser Antiquarian Books, which is the only place on the
Internet that I found a copy of this edition for sale. —>
“According to the publisher the information is hidden to prevent those who would
try to use it without truly understanding its power from causing harm to themselves
and, as this book is talismanic, to prevent the book itself from being corrupted by
“things” that would seek to use its inherent power against the owner.”


i would love to have this.

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